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Meet your neighbour Monday

Toronto is a small enough city that people on a similar path will eventually cross each other.

Thankfully with more and more people wanting to document their love for the growing cycling culture
and their love for Toronto a subculture of Bicycle inspired bloggers is vibrant in Toronto.

And like a well maintained bike path there is always room for more.

Please welcome  Bespoke(s)  Toronto.

Hope to cross paths.


May Memories

A photo shot back in 2009 has the colorful charm which hints that summer  is only a few weeks away..

Are you ready?

The Bicycle Factory

It's comforting to know that here in Toronto we can ride stylish and smile while the wind takes us across a great city.

But what would it take to share that smile?

Please take 5 minutes out of your day to Join the Bicycle Factory.
You could help send smiles across the world through the power of building 5000 bicycles.

By registering you could also win some cool prizes and the chance to win a life changing trip to Ghana to deliver the bicycles.

There are more things in life that unite us than divide us.
If you already know what a bicycle can do, share it.

Then share it again.

For more information visit


Spoke N Word

The spoke card can be a style statement of who you are and where you've been.

I love this story.



Cycle to Sakura

This weekend may be your last chance to wander in the winter like bloom by the pond.

Taking a bike to see Sakura or Cherry Blossomsin High Park may be the quickest way.

Parking is a bitch.

Too bad there isnt a Bixi stand at the Grenadier.



Friday Flickr Fave

Staring out at Spring.
We've paused to forget winter.
Somewhere is out there.
Take your time.



This weeks Friday Flickr fave comes from the 10 cent designer.

love this photo.

Happy a great Weekend!



Last week I had the pleasure meeting up with two of Calgary's finest when it comes
to promoting a bicycle friendly environment in one of Canada's up and coming cities.

Connected through a network of fashion forward friends and possibly family I was able to meet
up with Kristi Woo who is the brainchild behind Riyoko Urban Bike wearand a member of the Cyclepaloozasteering commitee,
and Richard Zach who is a professor at the University of Calgary, V.P of Bike Calgaryand part of Calgary Cycle Chic.

I asked them to crash the Toronto Cyclists Union'smembers night at the Free Times Cafe.
Over beer, brisket and split pea soup we had a great discussion on Friends, Family,
the future of Toronto and Calgary, and of course bikes.

After the Freetimes, we took to the lane and backstreets to recreate the Kyra and Tullyposter which adorned their backroom wall.
Matching white bikes rented from Curbsideblended perfectly into an Argyle Stnight ride.

We ended up at Watusifor some more good times and Thursday night charm.
A few steamed buns with smoked pork belly and arugula and it was already
1 am and we're back on Dundas parting ways in Roncy for either a late night chat or nap.

Calgary and Toronto aren't that different.

Streets, People, Bikes, Fashion, Good times.



Cycle Chic Republic : The Business Man

From the Cycle Chic Republic monthly post comes a collection of businessmen on bicycles from around the world.

Copenhagen, Denmark Spring Sunshine 13 Wagamama Window: Rain. Suit. Suits Him Fine Fantastic Dublin Dublin Cycle Chic - Him and Her Vancouver P1070655 P1070067 Cardiff, Great Britain George and his Brompton Belgium businessman_belgium business_belgium Budapest, Hungary 14772065_c7befefd100477b6a4607b67e5d37b7c_xl 14728275_be76a4f90abfad5eacda95f4caf4f9a9_xl 13157183_a0d10e8505d68809ad16d1646f5fc43c_xl 9251543_86c356b7649a6d8e0f8c715b1e05f52b_l Vienna, Austria smart! smart businessman 2 Aristocrat Barcelona, Spain sunny spring Sunday Going to work Paris, France Paris Cycle Chic Foto by Barcelona CC Business Man Business Man Rue de Rivoli.... Toronto, Canada jose orozco Amsterdam, The Netherlands Business man by Aude Business man in Amsterdam by Aude Young business man by Aude Graz Phone Sydney, Australia dapper cycle 8950 James at Customs House Lisbon, Portugal P1080988 P1100419 Gdansk, Poland IMG_3482 IMG_1719 IMG_1756 IMG_1300 Strasbourg, France cravate2 cravate1
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