Trinity Bellwoods has Toronto Cycle Style

For those Torontonians who drive, ride or walk past this Queen west park on their commute home to the suburbs should stop and take in this treat.

IMG_4604, originally uploaded by 'Xander @416cyclestyle.

With its southern border of Queen west and Northern limit of Dundas west, Trinity Bellwoods is a haven for families and friendly folk who are looking to pass out in the grass or play in the park.

My 4 year old son Dia, goes for regular photowalks with me and took this photo of friendly strangers who like many park personas embrace the blanket of green grass. His weekly soccer practices here allow me to get away with him while mom stays home with Lia.

Trinity Bellwoods is surrounded by many of my favorite restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. so if the park becomes passé you can always find an option B.

Take the time to visit one of the treasures of Toronto.


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