Damn Thieves

so my camera equipment was stolen, thats why i've been incognito.

so until I replace it, i'll be on instagram as Kuya_XL see you there.


Friday Flickr Fave: RICOR

Random posts of late since the micro world of instagram is where I've been playing.
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Flickr Fridays have been a standard, so if I post here it may only be to present what I've found through my photo jogs.

The color and feeling brought to life by RICOR has an old world feel like a good book that has been passed down to many friends.

Please check out the other sets and collections.




Hats off.

Its been an awful day since my sons bike was stolen. ( die effing bike thieves )

Toronto is the bike theft capital of North America,
so hats off to those who still choose to ride with or without their hat on.
the hat 2198
aerodynamic testing



Ive been micro blogging on instagram ( @416cyclestyle ) and neglecting the blog.

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Heart and Soul. Vancouver Cycle Chic Video series #2


Vancouver Cycle Chic: Inspirations

I've been following the stylish adventures of the Vancouver Cycle Chic crew.
They've moved from photography, fashion shows, radio, music and events to now film.
I cant wait for their TV show.

Here is their first of four videos featuring Citizens of Vancouver who have made the bicycle part of their style and culture.

Please subscribe to the Vancouver Cycle Chic youtube channel for upcoming films.


The Rolling Spoke

Coming back from a hiatus i'm always glad to find progression in the cycling community.
 It shows that my city is growing and that change is slowly seeping into the streets.
 I just rolled across a new Toronto Blog, "The Rolling Spoke".


As per their "about " page.

"The Rolling Spoke is a pseudonym by an average city dweller risiding in Toronto.
 He decided to start this blog as an outlet to his growing passion for urban cycling.
 The aim is to present an unbridled, seasonably filtered look at the bike culture within the city and have fun while doing it."

 Oh yes fun... Welcome, We hope to see more.

 Cheers. 'X


Spring Flings and Lil' Linus

Now that spring is here and the salt on the streets starts to melt,
it's the perfect time for the new fawns and bear cubs to learn to ride a bicycle.



(** Linus Bike, Inc. recommends that all riders wear helmets and other appropriate safety gear
as may be required under state, provincial or local laws when riding bicycles.

*Lifestyle Photo credit: Kat Borchart)

Now that i've gotten the disclaimer out of the way...

I've been a big fan of Linus bikes (my favourite being the Gaston 5. )

In the past year you could say that they have emerged as one of the flagship bicycles of Toronto.


You'll spot them everywhere and on every type of person.


And now with the availability of their children's line you'll be able to spot a younger generation sporting the classically styled bikes.

I can't wait to get Discovery Dalen and Princess Lia on one.

Cheers to Spring!

For the full line of Linus Bikes and Retailers click HERE


Glow in the Snow

Winter is about to wrap up and compared to last year i've been hibernating.
Working from home also gives me the ability to also practice yoga more.
Quality made bicycles can last a lifetime, and its good to know that there are also companies
who stand behind their products for yoga practice.

With my Black Mat I've been a big fan of Manduka for the past 8 years, and in the past year
with the help of social media they've done a great job of reaching out to share their joy of a brilliant practice.


On their blog, the Upward Frog they have had some amazing giveaways, this season they spared no expense
and decided to giveaway their whole spring color collections through their Now Is Wow photo contest.

I've been entering on instagram and was lucky enough to have won the whole Glow Collection with this photo.

glow 2

Please follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via @mandukayoga for their next great giveaways.

They have thoughtful insight on how to enhance your own practice be it on the mat, or by bicycle.



Kickstart The Spinster

My filmmaker friend Kristin Tieche from San Fransisco and fellow bike blogger at Velo Vogue is up to her wonderful antics, and needs our help.
This time she's combining her love of bikes into the mix to expose a wonderful city and its cycling culture.
"The Spinster" is a psychological thriller that follows a cycle vixen in search of true love into the dark shadowy depths of romance"....  Sounds like my type of woman.

Please check out the trailer below and please support the film via the Kickstarter page.

Kristin is a great supporter of Toronto Bicycle Culture and was here last year at the Female Eye Film Festival showing ,"Forms of Identification" 

If you can spare some coin, it would be most appreciated.



Just Chill


Damn its still cold outside.

 Here is a memory moment from another freezing day.



Hey Peeps. I'm running to  raise money to send kids with cancer to camp. Help me here: www.ooch.org/416runstyle  Thanks!

Hey Peeps.

I'm running to raise money to send kids with cancer to camp.

Please help me here: www.ooch.org/416runstyle

I haven't run a race in almost 10 years. Its going to be painful, but nothing compared to
what a kid with cancer has to go through. Help me uplift some spirits and collect good karma.

Pretty please?

P.S If anyone wants me to rock their gear while I train or run please let me know.


Ottawa's Plaid Parade

From the Nations capital and Ottawa Velo Vogue comes the highlight video from
Novembers "Plaid Parade".

I had the pleasure of riding the cat walk with Zara, and its refreshing to see how her
two wheeled playfulness is rubbing off on her fellow citizens.


I hope to be able to make it down to ride.
I just have to find the perfect pink plaid tuxedo.

Have a great weekend!


Monday Momentum

I've been a big fan of Momentum Magazine, they have been a big supporter of the Toronto Cycling Community and the global cycling and style vibe.
     With magazine motto,"Smart living by bike" they've impressed me with the way they have been able to merge into mainstream social media networks.
Having multiple options for a digital magazine subscription shows they know the potential of using the internet to spread the two wheeled love.
     One of my photographs was the cover of  Issue #52 and I also volunteered for the Expocycle " Bikes a la mode" show (featured in the 2012 Look Book),
so when I was asked to be part of their Bike Style profiles I was honoured.

If you want to be part of this Momentum, please take the time to browse and please subscribe.

Cheers to riding in style.

Momentum mag
Expocycle 2012 gang
momentum cover capture
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