Smoke or Snow

Smoke or Snow?
Toronto's weather can't make up its mind.
This wonderful capture by Flickr Pool member, " Lizzie's Libations" was taken 4 days ago.
The lack of snow does not mask this cyclist's wind chill.
Today this road is covered in snow.

White Christmas?


Urban Country Cycle Chic, A Dutch December.

Dutch Cycle Chic - Toronto Style

I've been a big fan of Urban Country and their advocacy by example style of journalism.
The Toronto Based website is a wonderful resource that taps into Bicycle Culture, Bike Sharing and the overall positive promotion of a feasible bicycle infrastructure.

Dutch Cycle Chic - Toronto Style

Although some may feel that advocacy websites or blogs are one sided, The Urban Country, like Toronto is a melting pot of diverse reads and viewpoints.
This December post by James Schwartz is a lovely interview of Amy, one of Toronto's citizen cyclists. Not only does she ride in the winter, she rides in style. Love the boots and mittens combo


Dutch Cycle Chic - Toronto Style



The Snow can't stop the Style

Barrie just got Buried in 3 feet of snow, And an hour south here in Toronto we are still seeing green grass and dry pavement.

Across the pond the Danes haven't slowed down in the snow.

I borrowed these photos from Mikael over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Idathue from the Original Cycle Chic pool to illustrate the contrast and difference in mentality that Canadian culture has vs Copenhagen.

Keep on RollingLife on my street
Evening Flow 8

Although these photos may seem foreign to us here in Toronto.
These scenes could as easily be here in Toronto.

Lead by example?

A silent winter ride speaks volumes.



The Mexican Panda

The mexican, originally uploaded by 'Xander @416cyclestyle.


Back from a quick stint in the Mayan Riviera, as you can see I didn't get blown up or shot. It is still as safe as the last time I was here.

What surprised me is that bicycles are being used everywhere, and without the "complete street" philosophy that we fight for here in North America.
There, as well as in other parts of the world the bicycle is just another way to get from A to B.

I had a cargo bike all week to lug kids and scuba equipment around, and the Barcelo Resort staff used cargo bikes for most of their maintenance chores.

If a cargo bike is a common tool in Mexico, why hasn't Toronto adopted this?



Mexico Monday

, originally uploaded by f r y.

I'm off to Mexico, to the Mayan Riviera, and from fry in the Mexico Cycle Chic group on Flickr, is a sweet way to say Hola or Adiós.

See you in a week.


Twosday Tuesday

Nothing gives more hope to the future of Toronto's cycle culture than seeing a Mother or Father riding with their children.

Happy Twosday.


Been there, Dundas

woke up to a -1 November 1st morning.

This is Canada.

Been there... Done that.

Dundas St. Toronto


Commuter Chameleon

the commute home
from flickr member happy d in the 416cyclestyle pool

you come and go.
you come and go.


Flickr Friday's

Dark Russian, originally uploaded by Chic Photos.

Apparently i'm the administrator for the S&D&B group on Flickr,

I was next in line.

So from this flickr group comes a photo by ,"Chic Photos" that matches the upcoming weather.

Have a great weekend.

Keep cool and warm.



Fall Family Fridays full of Thanks.

The sun will stay shining for this Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, and the trees are on fire as they change color. I'd like to thank all the readers who have stopped by in the past year. I hope you all have a great thanksgiving and safe riding.



Union to Unity through Utility cycling

1P1310217, originally uploaded by ysuchislife.

"In an effort to share the daily experience of thousands of cycle commuters, the Toronto Cyclists Union led 8 of the Mayoral Candidates on a 30 minute rush-hour commute by bicycle this morning. Candidates were invited to share their experience & plans with the media at a 9:15am press conference."

"Yvonne Bambrick, the Toronto Cyclists Union’s Director of Communications led today’s 20 person ride with the assistance of Toronto Police. The 30 minute ride, which stayed within the downtown core, allowed candidates to experience almost the full range of scenarios faced on a daily urban commute by bicycle. The ride took candidates on arterials with bike lanes, without bike lanes, on roads with construction, roads scarred by utility cuts, on minor arterials, and on side streets."

Advocacy by example is a wonderful way to lead, and isn't Yvonne looking very "cycle chic" leading this pack of candidates? I'm glad that some of the candidates showed up in their suits to ride. Dressing up for the destination as they say?

“There are nearly 400,000 utilitarian cyclists in Toronto, and many more would choose to ride if they felt safe enough to do so. "

Now even though there is a race for Mayor going on in Toronto sometime slowing down is the best way to win.

Good luck to all the candidates, i'm enjoying the race so far.

(for the full press release click here)

( photos by Martin Reis)


Think Bike

Some may have noticed that the Kingdom of the Netherlands have been infiltrating the streets of Toronto. Ever since their departure from the world cup, they've found a way to keep a bit of orange around.

My 4 year old son was blown away that there was a real Kingdom where the Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, all rode bicycles. He found it interesting that with so many bicycles they were able to keep their dragons under control.

That medieval scenario from a 4 year old is not too far off from what the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the City of Toronto is trying to do. Keep our dragons under control.

Last weekend through a Series of workshops the City of Toronto and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands hosted Dutch bicycle planners for the ThinkBike Workshops.thinkbike1/

Toronto and Dutch bicycle professionals formed two teams for this event. The teams considered new elements to improve Toronto's cycling strategy. Each team was be given a Toronto cycling infrastructure problem to solve, and considered related social and communication issues. The results were unveiled at a free public event at the El Mocambo. Style wise there was one guy who opted out of the orange and rocked a suit on a Batavus personal bike for their tour of the city. Common clothes for a common activity.

Although I wasn't able to make the events, I am grateful that our neighbours from across the pond have taken a vested interest in improving our city. With 140 neighbourhoods in Toronto i've been able to observe through my pet projects on 416cyclestyle that the bicycle is helping to connect these micro communities.

Our global community is shrinking through the use of the internet. Proof of this is that Toronto is showing up on the Amsterdamize radar. We must be doing something right. Once I make it to Amsterdam i'll be able to compare.

Screen shot 2010-09-18 at 8.31.20 PM

In view of the rapid expansion of the GTA and its urban sprawl, the future of Toronto will evolve based on how closely we can keep our neighbourhoods connected.

Roads and pathways connect cities, neighborhoods, and people. Lets help to keep Toronto connected.

Think bike.


Marlen James Monday

Spent a Sunday with Boudoir and Pinup Photographer Miss Marlen James.
She was daring enough to step through to the other side of the camera for her bicycle portrait.
MJ has adopted a bicycle as her pet, as they are way easier to train than a dog or a boa constrictor.
The downside to owning a bicycle as a pet is that they get stolen more often that a puppy would.
When your bike does get taxed, Toronto LBS's are always happy to help you get into a new or used ride.

Happy riding MJ.


Remembering the Rain on Roncy'

I don't mind rainy days, especially since a bucket just dropped on us today.

Here is a picture to reminisce about, especially when there was a time that streetcars moved up and down Roncesvalles.

Unfortunately in the past year Roncy’ has been hit with a season of Construction. However with the heartbeat of a supportive neighbourhood the charming shops and cafes are fighting to survive.

Stop by the shops of Roncesvalles and show some local support.

Smile.... Its only rain.


Travel Tandem Tuesday

We are Tandem

Only an hour from Toronto, Langdon Hall in Cambridge is a member of the prestigious Relaix & Chateaux hotel group. When it comes to measuring Langdon Hall on the, " 5 C's" of Character, Calm, Charm, Courtesy and Cuisine,they rank very high amongst the hotels we've visited.

Any establishment that can handle our, "4 kid" test is an automatic recommendation. They went so far as to offer us a suite to use as our baby changing facilities while we enjoyed brunch.

To top it off they provide free bicycles for their guests which even includes a tandem that my wife and I took for a country tour through the winding roads.

For more info please visit http://www.langdonhall.ca/



Langdon Hall, Cambridge Ontario


Feline Friday

From Gabi and the 416cyclestyle Flickr photo pool comes this
Feline Friday Foto.

Who let the cat out?

Have a great weekend


Midweek Milkcrates

IMG_6185, originally uploaded by 'Xander @416cyclestyle.

I've been seeing red lately, mostly due to allergies.

Autumn is creeping in and Toronto catches on fire when the leaves change color, and the temperature drops

As summer slips away us, the layers will appear.

For now lets reminisce about last weeks heat through this tradional milk crate carryall.



yah for humpday ici.

Bigger Wheels than you
IMG_5930 copy

However, for many people around the world its just another day living with AIDS.

Riding my bicycle in this city I am blessed, and even though my mind tends to wander while I ride, it always takes me back to the big picture.

We are not alone, there are many who need help.

What can you do?



Momentum Bike Style Tour Hits Toronto

Momentum Magazine is headed out to Canada's most stylish and bikeable cities to throw our beloved readers a party and to see what Canada's BikeStyle looks like!

First stop is September 2nd at the Drake Hotel in Toronto! Momentum is going on a Gallery Spin with the Deadly Nightshades.
The Drake and the Deadly Nightshades host a monthly bike-lead gallery tour of the trendy and influential Queen West West neighbourhood the first Thursday of every month as a part of Camp Drake.
Meet at 6:30 at the gates of Trinity Bellwoods Park.
After the stylish gallery ride, Momentum goes back to the Drake to be entertained by folding bike lover DJ General Eclectic. Photographer and Momentum Contributor John Lee will be shooting bike-portraits, so shine up your bike and make sure you are dressed to impress.

Here are some sweet things you could win, just by showing up to have fun:

Love this party? Want to contribute? Want to sponsor? Want to cover it? Want to photograph this? Whatever your idea is, please email tour manager meaghan (at) momentumplanet (dot) com, and she'll get back to you right away.


Medium Format Mondays

Copyright 2010, all rights reserved

Its not always about the Bicycle or the Beautiful girl in the portrait.

And even though they are both captured in this photograph, this post is about the camera.

On the otherside of the lens, Medium Format Magicians compose a world that exists in a box.

This isn't just point and shoot papparazzi for them, It is an art and for some an obsession that does not need to beg for attention, it commands it.

This sultry portrait of Mara by 416cyclestyle Flickr pool member Metrix X is a perfect representation of what happens when the vision of a savvy photographer is framed.

A riding ovation is due.



Blast of Color on the Bridge

the bridge, originally uploaded by 'Xander @416cyclestyle.

The Bloor Viaduct bridge is a perfect place to view the city from, it's full of different sights and scents. This picture on my midday ride can help break down the grey.

Toronto is a multicolorful place.


It's about the ride.

IMG_5938 copy, originally uploaded by 'Xander @416cyclestyle.

Take away the bicycle and the story begins.

It's a shopping trip or a lazy cafe morning.

You have an out from unwanted conversations or the means to selfish satisfaction.

Mix the smell of coffee with the sounds of streetcars while playing hide and seek with the details that were lost while driving in a box.

Trade riding shotgun for riding solo.

It's not about the bicycle.

It's about the ride.


I Pity The Fool

, originally uploaded by CHUNKS!.

For those who troll craigslist in search of their stolen treasures are quick to realize that in the City of Toronto, regardless of what you lock your bike up with, your shit may still get stolen.

And even though Toronto is dubbed the bike theft capital of North America, we still take the risk everyday and ride.

Because thats what we do.

This Night Rider portrait by Flickr member CHUNKS! (goonies!) captures this attitude to the" T." or due to the heavy chain around the handlebars, "Mr T"

I pity the fool who tries to steal this bike.


Sugar Beach Social Blur

The equivalent to holding hands through crowded sidewalks.

Call it a commute or enjoying company, the social aspect of the ride is a constant blur to those who standby and wish they had the summer scent of the lake breeze pushing them towards the next stop light.

A simple smile passing Sugar Beach.

We've caught green.

Ride on.


Happy Foodie Friday

Even though the weather miraculously dropped 5 degrees today, theres still room for ice cream, This photo from one of the ladies who partake in the, "Toronto Girls' Cupcake Bike Ride" shows how Toronto has the Bike and Food genes as part of its genetics.

Looking for something to do this weekend? How about riding for some food? Taste of the Danforth, Turkish Food festival at Dundas Square, and Jerk Fest at Centennial Park are all on this weekend. All are bicycle friendly, especially since the Gardiner Expressway will be closed.

Happy Food Friday


No More Excuses

Wednesday morning, originally uploaded by meligrosa.

I've been an admirer of the photography and creativity of my incredibly stylish Flickr Friend Meligrosa of Bikes and the City and her caffeinated San Fransisco adventure rides.

As with many fashion shows, the complete experience comes not only from the models and clothing on the runway, but the venue the designers choose to exibit their ideas in.

On a bicycle you have multiple venues to ride or walk your bicycle through, and with each surface option, be it asphalt, sidewalk, gravel or grass the adventures that unfold are endless... should I stop and grab a coffee? should I turn down that alleyway? should i follow my friends or ride solo to make new ones?

With summer slowly winding down ,this photo of her, "Frenchie" merged into her urban landscape begs the question.

Whats your excuse?

not much going on at 7:50am

Get out and bike.



Shot in July 2009, not much has changed..
For todays #Follow Fridays get your bike and follow a friend...

Signing Off.

Have a great weekend!


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