My bicycle was there during first kisses in Trinity park. It supported early morning rides for spring lattes at the café curbside to the design studio. I’ve found alleyway shortcuts to where flowers bloom on side streets and the smell of 3am baked bread still lingers past noon.
I recall getting chills watching flowing skirts, and drinking in wafts of perfumed sweat on summer breezes as the red changed to green. I hear the distinct ding of vintage bells whose sweet alarm teased of upcoming conflicts, or flirts of unknown around each turn.
My bicycle crossed the beaches at 2am with bottles of wine to rest amongst the flicker of skyscraper fireflies. Its two wheels have heard the slander of lovers quarrel and felt the side swipe of oncoming traffic during periods of emotional insanity.
My Bicycle took me away through rain wind and snow, always without a care to the destination.
It has inspired films, music, poems and photos. Its simple stencil holds strength in its slender spokes. It creates a relationship that binds the stiletto to the pedal. It fuels a fire that pushes one leg to mimic the other in a rhythmic dance that brings reason to the here and there.
If you own a bicycle and are a Toronto Fashion Designer, Fashion Photographer, Blogger, Musician or any Torontonian whose style has been inspired by the simplicity and sexiness of two wheels please join this virtual ride to somewhere.
Please send any photos of you and your bicycle and a brief description of who you are to We will show case your inspiration on
I eventually hope to have enough to make a poster of 1000 Toronto Cycle Chic stylish riders
If you Flickr please join this group BY CLICKING HERE
.Ride on.

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