I am a Cycle Chic bike gang member inspired by the original Copenhagen Cycle Chic by Mikael Colville-Andersen.

However this Blog is not just about Bicycles.
It's about learning to love and live in an everchanging city.
A lifestyle that revolves around movement allows for new experiences and memories.
A new experience can help us to understand the choices that make the difference between streets and a neighbourhood.

I exist in the multicultural flavoured, kaleidoscope styled streets of Toronto which encompass the 416 area code. The common element shared between a phone and a bicycle is how easily they both can connect a family, city and country.

Silently I span the local neighborhoods and asphalt in search of new aromas, costumes and combinations of visual and edible delights which spark my interest in new global destinations.
Armed with a crank and a camera I play the pedal papparazzi.
Freezing moments in time of the familliar strangers  who share space and ride by.

Thank you for stopping by this little piece of my city.
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