Glow in the Snow

Winter is about to wrap up and compared to last year i've been hibernating.
Working from home also gives me the ability to also practice yoga more.
Quality made bicycles can last a lifetime, and its good to know that there are also companies
who stand behind their products for yoga practice.

With my Black Mat I've been a big fan of Manduka for the past 8 years, and in the past year
with the help of social media they've done a great job of reaching out to share their joy of a brilliant practice.


On their blog, the Upward Frog they have had some amazing giveaways, this season they spared no expense
and decided to giveaway their whole spring color collections through their Now Is Wow photo contest.

I've been entering on instagram and was lucky enough to have won the whole Glow Collection with this photo.

glow 2

Please follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via @mandukayoga for their next great giveaways.

They have thoughtful insight on how to enhance your own practice be it on the mat, or by bicycle.


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