Monday, Men, March.

Swedish Style house H&M is shacking up with Brick Lane Bikes to launch"cycling" gear for the big boys in skinny jeans.

 (Sorry girls, you'll have to use the regular  H&M women's line to cycle in.)

Their other mens collections could be perfectly fine to ride in, however this BLB collaboration has
allowed the clothing to be vetted by BLB fixed gear riders for form, functionality and flow while on a bike.

 I wonder if my big quads can squeeze in? There better be a bit of stretch.

BLB and East London is apparently a "Mecca" for fixies, and Toronto shares similar culture.

You can even find Canada's own OOQI grips being sold in the BLB shop! (big fan of fatties)

When the collection launches in March it should be a stylish spring to shoot.

I wonder if  TorontoFixed would agree?


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