Flickr Friday Collide a Scope

I've been fooling around with instagram lateley remixing some of my photos.
here is my CollideAscope series.
Crash into yourself.

@torontofixed  is this still a fixed gear? #remixtheride Angela... Again #remixtheride #biketo Collide a scope #remixtheride The red eye #remixtheride Collide a Scope #remixtheride

Enjoy the weekend


How Clever..

Recently while doing my morning social media screening I entered the @cleverhood giveaway
and luckily I won one of their prize packs which included a T-shirt and Cleverhood.
Forecast calls for rain tomorrow! Thanks to @cleverhoods I'll be stylish and dry. Perfect for @tweedrideTO #bikeTO
I've been admiring Cleverhood ever since the 2011 Toronto Tweed Ride which was soggy
for most of the day. 

It was raining the day it arrived so I put on my Hunter wellies and  faux tweed Cleverhood
and took a ride around the neighbourhood to test it out.
Rainy day dry ride courtesy of @cleverhoods. Do you use a cape?  #raincape #bikeTO

It's perfectly sized for large and small and gives enough coverage in the rear so that even without
fenders it provides ample splash coverage.

I appreciate the magnetic hand slits that allow for easy access without having to lift up the cape.

The hood fit my big head nicely and provided enough room to slip a helmet under without choking
you in the collar.
The thumb loops are in the right spot so that it doesn't pull and can easily attach to
your handle bars.

Reflective striping is a bonus as well as the chest pocket that features a water resistant zipper.
It folds up well and wont take up much space in your backpack or panniers so its great to carry
with you at all times.

Its missing a waist strap to prevent the rear from raising up, but the cut of the cape does a pretty good job of staying put even in wind.

I'd recommend this for not only riding around but for anyone who has to stand or walk around in the rain.
If you need something to keep you dry while pushing your kids around in the stroller
 this is the cape for you.
It's very stylish. The fabric choices are something i'd pick out for a 3 piece suit.

Halloween is coming up, so if you want to fulfill your super hero caped crusader dreams
heres your chance.

I have a new garden gnome. #cleverhood

Cleverhood is available online HERE

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