Momentum a la mode

This past weekend was the first Public day at Expocycle 2012
It started off as a soggy morning but as the skies calmed down the people poured in.
Momentum was there hosting the 'Bikes a la Mode" Bike Style show.
I was excited to be part of it and to roll down the runway in tweeds and denim.

We had a great gathering of (super) models who also moonlight in the Ontario cycling scene.
Mikey from Curbside and the Common Elite, joined Zara from Ottawa Velo Vogue.
The crew

There was representation from TorontoFixed.com and it was entertaining and also dangerous
watching some models get used to using brakes again.

Experienced models helped first time volunteers to feel comfortable with the ups and downs,
and ons and offs. It was all smiles from the crew and the crowd.

Momentum will also be hosting the "Gaining Momentum" bike style show at Interbike.
Please stop by and subscribe. ( there may be bike give aways too )

Speaking with the distributors at the show they understood how social media is shaping
the buying habits of retailers and consumers.
With so much access to interactive information these days, it's a bonus to consult the public
for their input.

The inclusive mix of people who strive to merge the cycling culture into the mainstream
are doing a great job spreading the two wheeled love.

Expocycle 2012 was able to exhibit that there is a bike for everyone.

When is your next ride?

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