TrioBike Tuesday

Today is the first day of school.
It started off a little bit wet, but Mr. Dia missed riding his bike to school.
What we miss even more is the TrioBike that we got to test ride this summer.

To trio
A cargo bike would fit in perfectly with our school and work week,
especially since 2 yr old Princess Lia goes to the Early Learning Centre with Grandma.
Our neighbourhood, similar to many others in Toronto is connected by quiet side streets
that make bike use a great option to driving or even walking.

In fact a cargo bike would fit well with our entire city, since we have many families schools,
daycares, and even seniors homes that would benefit from having use of a cargo bike.

We even went through the drive/ride thru of Tim Hortons,
( i've tried prior on a bicycle and was not served.)
Triobike timhortons tour photo
My Brother and his Girlfriend even mentioned that a TrioBike would make the perfect mobile gym.
@triobike is all smiles. With @the_athletarian  and @dc_fit_lab #cargobike #bikeTO #fitTO
As you can see from the photos, advertising and customization of a TrioBike is very doable.

(Hint Hint to all the advertising and P.R companies out there )
With 7 gears in the internal hub, hills are no more difficult than riding with a regular bicycle,
and if it does get too hard there is no shame in pushing.
When this bike gets up to speed you can cruise with little effort.
The disc brakes ensure you'll be stopping on a dime.

We even rode the TrioBike to the top of Centennial Hill and back down again for some offroading.

I've seen many cargo bike brands here in Toronto. Babboe, Bilenky, Bullitt,  Bakfiets.nl,
Christiania, and Nihola are all represented here.
I hope to see the TrioBike on our streets soon.
A healthy cargo bike culture reflects a livable city for all citizens.
@triobike Teddybear Picnic. #biketo #cargobike
Sadly the TrioBike has been shipped off to L.A where it will be hanging out at the 
Pro Walk Pro Bike conference from September 10th to 13th.

Hopefully they'll be available through North American retailers soon.
In the mean time TrioBike can ship you one if you order it online.

I'm saving up for ours so hopefully under our Christmas Tree will be a Christmas TrioBike (Boxster?)
I want a box. With wheels. www.triobike.com
Thank you to Triobike for the taste of the TrioLife.

for links to Copenhagen Cycle Chic reviews of the TrioBike CLICK HERE



  1. Amazing review 'Xander!!

    I'd love a Triobike to take my dogs to dog parks that we only access by car right now.

    And as always, great photos :)

  2. Very nice.

    I like to buy a boxster. I was wondering if you bought one? Is he as good as the mono?

    Greetings from Belguim.


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