Last week I had the pleasure meeting up with two of Calgary's finest when it comes
to promoting a bicycle friendly environment in one of Canada's up and coming cities.

Connected through a network of fashion forward friends and possibly family I was able to meet
up with Kristi Woo who is the brainchild behind Riyoko Urban Bike wear and a member of the Cyclepalooza steering commitee,
and Richard Zach who is a professor at the University of Calgary, V.P of Bike Calgary and part of Calgary Cycle Chic.

I asked them to crash the Toronto Cyclists Union's members night at the Free Times Cafe.
Over beer, brisket and split pea soup we had a great discussion on Friends, Family,
the future of Toronto and Calgary, and of course bikes.
Kyra and tully

After the Freetimes, we took to the lane and backstreets to recreate the Kyra and Tully poster which adorned their backroom wall.
Matching white bikes rented from Curbside blended perfectly into an Argyle St night ride.

IMG_8572 Kristi and Richard from #YYCbike

We ended up at Watusi for some more good times and Thursday night charm.
A few steamed buns with smoked pork belly and arugula and it was already
1 am and we're back on Dundas parting ways in Roncy for either a late night chat or nap.

Calgary and Toronto aren't that different.

Streets, People, Bikes, Fashion, Good times.


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