My URBANA is...


When I contacted Urbana about the possibility of reviewing the Urbana Bicycle,

it was because the fun aspect of their marketing campaign called out to me. Their Catch Phrase

“ Take a little bit of Amsterdam and add a little North Shore” and "The Real SUV"

Had me curious. Could this Canadian company be on to something?

Hookworms and Sidewalks

I grew up bombing through the downtown Toronto streets and alleyways at night,

trying to jump off everything I could.

Now that i’m moving through the Daddy Phase of my existence, every now and again

the instinct to jump off shit kicks in

and the idea of of ending up at the hospital my wife works at goes out.

Don’t worry I’m insured.

The Urbana is recklessly stylish, with reinforcements that are overkill and big bouncy tires

that kick the asphalt out of any pothole,

it’s a big beefy blank canvas waiting to be personalized. (And it comes in Pink.)


“But it looks like a girls bike!”

Thankfully so, this step through is suitable to be ridden by a male or female.

For the metro sexually inclined it is perfect for balancing with kids, loading up with groceries on the RNR

or for protecting your family jewels from crossbar banging on bunny hops through the woods.

My Urbana is....

It makes for a great pairing with fenders and chain guard to protect your pants and stylish clothes

or you can opt out to keep the minimalistic BMX on steroids look.

Perfect for skinny jeans and a case of beer or a skirt, heels and tweeds.

I am Urbana

I am 6 ft 1 and the included seat post would accommodate a wide range of heights.

My wife is 5 ft 2 and with the seat post at its lowest point it suits her fine.

She loved riding it so much that she refuses to let me ride the Urbana when we go out on family errands.

It's a perfect sharing bike.

The ride is unlike the other bikes I have, It has a very stable cruiser type feel to it.

The front wheel seems a little further forward due to their unorthodox geometry.

This contributes to a smooth, responsive ride as the reinforced frame limits flex.

This is a good thing if you have your friend sitting double dutch while drinking martinis.

( however I don’t recommend drinking and riding even if you are insured.)

hanging on

In the gusto category you wont be winning any speed tests on this tank,

but once you get going it keeps a smooth flowing momentum.

I was testing the three speed model, which is suitable for tackling Toronto hills,though I would pick the

available 8 speed internal version if you are into longer jaunts across the city.

It would make a great commuter, especially if you like taking shortcuts through alleyways or the woods.

Their Sidewalk tires are supposedly pothole proof. We have a ton of potholes here in Toronto,

and riding one handed while filming I was able to stay stable while rolling through.

I also tested them through our streetcar tracks, sewer grates, construction zones and sidewalk curbs,

beach sand and snow and they bounced over the gaps, bumps and changes in surface with ease.

Its almost like having a suspension system built into the wheels.

Urbana meets G-Star

I didn’t find any where to attach a water bottle to, and it would be nice to have braze ons somewhere.

I solved that problem with a $7.00 coffee cup holder from Canadian Tire.

Even though I wouldn’t be going any long distances on a regular with this bike,

I did a nice 60 km ride along the Etobicoke creek up to Brampton and back,

with 2 panniers on the RNR there was plenty of space for refreshments.

The Urbana ships without any integrated headlights or tail lights.

This would have been a nice option for those who would plan on using it as an urban workhorse,

however they may not be the best thing to have when riding through Don Valley single track

or jumping off stairs or over logs.

There is plenty of space on the BMX style handlebars to mount lights and bicycle bells to customize your ride.

I added a Pink LED light and Phator the Pink Bar-barianz for some flair.


Would I recommend this bike?



  • Bombproof frame wheels and tires

  • Customizable drivetrain, and accessories

  • Unisex, One size fit most.

  • RNR rack

  • Super fun to ride.

  • Solid and light enough to easily carry up stairs.


  • Heavy if compared to carbon fibre.

  • No water bottle braze ons

  • No integrated headlights or Taillight

My Urbana is...

Thank you to Urbana Bikes for the opportunity to review their Bicycle.

We had a great time.


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