Monday Momentum

I've been a big fan of Momentum Magazine, they have been a big supporter of the Toronto Cycling Community and the global cycling and style vibe.
     With magazine motto,"Smart living by bike" they've impressed me with the way they have been able to merge into mainstream social media networks.
Having multiple options for a digital magazine subscription shows they know the potential of using the internet to spread the two wheeled love.
     One of my photographs was the cover of  Issue #52 and I also volunteered for the Expocycle " Bikes a la mode" show (featured in the 2012 Look Book),
so when I was asked to be part of their Bike Style profiles I was honoured.

If you want to be part of this Momentum, please take the time to browse and please subscribe.

Cheers to riding in style.

Momentum mag
Expocycle 2012 gang
momentum cover capture


Monday, Men, March.

Swedish Style house H&M is shacking up with Brick Lane Bikes to launch"cycling" gear for the big boys in skinny jeans.

 (Sorry girls, you'll have to use the regular  H&M women's line to cycle in.)

Their other mens collections could be perfectly fine to ride in, however this BLB collaboration has
allowed the clothing to be vetted by BLB fixed gear riders for form, functionality and flow while on a bike.

 I wonder if my big quads can squeeze in? There better be a bit of stretch.

BLB and East London is apparently a "Mecca" for fixies, and Toronto shares similar culture.

You can even find Canada's own OOQI grips being sold in the BLB shop! (big fan of fatties)

When the collection launches in March it should be a stylish spring to shoot.

I wonder if  TorontoFixed would agree?



Bikes & Beer for the Holidays.

Times are tough and the  Christmas holidays don't have to be the reason you can't afford a proper Valentines Day gift come February.

So if you are planning to visit a few of your two wheel inclined friends don't forget the libations.

To help you out with stocking your fridge and X-mas stockings here's a few of my likes.
Amsterdam Big Wheel Amber Ale
Walnut Studio 6 pack Cinch (Polo Mallet Holder)
Resource Revival Recycled Chain Bottle Openers


Pre Winter Write off : Jamaican Style

November is usually a write off for me, its when I take a break to spend time with the family on an island somewhere.
This year we returned to Jamaica for the 3rd time to celebrate my sons birthday on the 18th.
A country with the same British roots as Canada should have some similarities?

Yes, they also tend to ride on the wrong side of the road.

IMG_1317 IMG_1278 IMG_1332 IMG_1306 IMG_0962 IMG_0598 IMG_0959 IMG_0881 IMG_0595 IMG_0594


Flickr Friday Collide a Scope

I've been fooling around with instagram lateley remixing some of my photos.
here is my CollideAscope series.
Crash into yourself.

@torontofixed  is this still a fixed gear? #remixtheride Angela... Again #remixtheride #biketo Collide a scope #remixtheride The red eye #remixtheride Collide a Scope #remixtheride

Enjoy the weekend


How Clever..

Recently while doing my morning social media screening I entered the @cleverhood giveaway
and luckily I won one of their prize packs which included a T-shirt and Cleverhood.
Forecast calls for rain tomorrow! Thanks to @cleverhoods I'll be stylish and dry. Perfect for @tweedrideTO #bikeTO
I've been admiring Cleverhood ever since the 2011 Toronto Tweed Ride which was soggy
for most of the day. 

It was raining the day it arrived so I put on my Hunter wellies and  faux tweed Cleverhood
and took a ride around the neighbourhood to test it out.
Rainy day dry ride courtesy of @cleverhoods. Do you use a cape?  #raincape #bikeTO

It's perfectly sized for large and small and gives enough coverage in the rear so that even without
fenders it provides ample splash coverage.

I appreciate the magnetic hand slits that allow for easy access without having to lift up the cape.

The hood fit my big head nicely and provided enough room to slip a helmet under without choking
you in the collar.
The thumb loops are in the right spot so that it doesn't pull and can easily attach to
your handle bars.

Reflective striping is a bonus as well as the chest pocket that features a water resistant zipper.
It folds up well and wont take up much space in your backpack or panniers so its great to carry
with you at all times.

Its missing a waist strap to prevent the rear from raising up, but the cut of the cape does a pretty good job of staying put even in wind.

I'd recommend this for not only riding around but for anyone who has to stand or walk around in the rain.
If you need something to keep you dry while pushing your kids around in the stroller
 this is the cape for you.
It's very stylish. The fabric choices are something i'd pick out for a 3 piece suit.

Halloween is coming up, so if you want to fulfill your super hero caped crusader dreams
heres your chance.

I have a new garden gnome. #cleverhood

Cleverhood is available online HERE


Friday Flickr "Remix your Ride"

BICYCLES IMG_0395 IMG_0393 IMG_0390 IMG_0394 IMG_0403

When asked to describe the cycling culture here in Toronto i've struggled to find a defining term.

Toronto does not have the best cycling infrastructure, however our healthy population of
Families, Roadies, Messengers, Commuters, Hipsters, Fashionistas, Fixies, Cargobikes and
Weekend fund raising Warriors makes Toronto a remixed cycling culture of a very diverse but inclusive vibe.

 Similar to the food scene in Toronto we do have a large selection for all tastes.

 With all the selection how do you choose to Remix your Ride?


Momentum a la mode

This past weekend was the first Public day at Expocycle 2012
It started off as a soggy morning but as the skies calmed down the people poured in.
Momentum was there hosting the 'Bikes a la Mode" Bike Style show.
I was excited to be part of it and to roll down the runway in tweeds and denim.

We had a great gathering of (super) models who also moonlight in the Ontario cycling scene.
Mikey from Curbside and the Common Elite, joined Zara from Ottawa Velo Vogue.
The crew

There was representation from TorontoFixed.com and it was entertaining and also dangerous
watching some models get used to using brakes again.

Experienced models helped first time volunteers to feel comfortable with the ups and downs,
and ons and offs. It was all smiles from the crew and the crowd.

Momentum will also be hosting the "Gaining Momentum" bike style show at Interbike.
Please stop by and subscribe. ( there may be bike give aways too )

Speaking with the distributors at the show they understood how social media is shaping
the buying habits of retailers and consumers.
With so much access to interactive information these days, it's a bonus to consult the public
for their input.

The inclusive mix of people who strive to merge the cycling culture into the mainstream
are doing a great job spreading the two wheeled love.

Expocycle 2012 was able to exhibit that there is a bike for everyone.

When is your next ride?


Friday Faves

The mail man has been good to me this week,
First I received the CD "Bicycle" by "Nora and One Left"
I've been listening to it while making breakfast. Goes great with coffee.
It's an urban folk story about a girls love affair and experiences with her bicycle.

Love getting music mail.. Thanks to Nora and One Left for sending it..

And yesterday I received my subscription copy of Momentum Magazine.
Came back from lunch to @momentummag in my mailbox. See you on Saturday at @expocycle.
I'm a proud supporter of Momentum and I would hope that you are too.
I'll be in the  "Bicycles a la Mode" Bike Style show at Expocycle this Saturday (Tomorrow).

If you don't have anything to do Saturday its FREE at the Direct Energy Centre (CNE)

Hope to see you there.

If not have a great weekend!


TrioBike Tuesday

Today is the first day of school.
It started off a little bit wet, but Mr. Dia missed riding his bike to school.
What we miss even more is the TrioBike that we got to test ride this summer.

To trio
A cargo bike would fit in perfectly with our school and work week,
especially since 2 yr old Princess Lia goes to the Early Learning Centre with Grandma.
Our neighbourhood, similar to many others in Toronto is connected by quiet side streets
that make bike use a great option to driving or even walking.

In fact a cargo bike would fit well with our entire city, since we have many families schools,
daycares, and even seniors homes that would benefit from having use of a cargo bike.

We even went through the drive/ride thru of Tim Hortons,
( i've tried prior on a bicycle and was not served.)
Triobike timhortons tour photo
My Brother and his Girlfriend even mentioned that a TrioBike would make the perfect mobile gym.
@triobike is all smiles. With @the_athletarian  and @dc_fit_lab #cargobike #bikeTO #fitTO
As you can see from the photos, advertising and customization of a TrioBike is very doable.

(Hint Hint to all the advertising and P.R companies out there )
With 7 gears in the internal hub, hills are no more difficult than riding with a regular bicycle,
and if it does get too hard there is no shame in pushing.
When this bike gets up to speed you can cruise with little effort.
The disc brakes ensure you'll be stopping on a dime.

We even rode the TrioBike to the top of Centennial Hill and back down again for some offroading.

I've seen many cargo bike brands here in Toronto. Babboe, Bilenky, Bullitt,  Bakfiets.nl,
Christiania, and Nihola are all represented here.
I hope to see the TrioBike on our streets soon.
A healthy cargo bike culture reflects a livable city for all citizens.
@triobike Teddybear Picnic. #biketo #cargobike
Sadly the TrioBike has been shipped off to L.A where it will be hanging out at the 
Pro Walk Pro Bike conference from September 10th to 13th.

Hopefully they'll be available through North American retailers soon.
In the mean time TrioBike can ship you one if you order it online.

I'm saving up for ours so hopefully under our Christmas Tree will be a Christmas TrioBike (Boxster?)
I want a box. With wheels. www.triobike.com
Thank you to Triobike for the taste of the TrioLife.

for links to Copenhagen Cycle Chic reviews of the TrioBike CLICK HERE



Triobike Tough Mudder Training

Those who follow my blog may be familiar with my Brothers girlfriends blog, "The Athletarian"

The couple recently completed the Tough Mudder and were able to test out the Triobike.

@triobike is all smiles. With @the_athletarian  and @dc_fit_lab #cargobike #bikeTO #fitTO

These two teachers are style and fitness freaks and made the comment that the Triobike would
make the perfect mobile fitness studio for any fitness studio wanting to expand and advertise.
Cargobike Crossfit anyone?

For The Athletarians review of the Triobike CLICK HERE



Family Friday with Triobike

Triobike We've been babysitting a Triobike this past week.

Its going on a Cycle Chic North American "Tour Du Triobike" road trip.
It started off in Vancouver, Calgary now in Toronto. Next its off to Chicago.


I've been in the market for a cargo bike, so when Mikael from Copenhagenize asked
if I could babysit, I jumped at the chance to compare with the bikes I already own.

To sum up the Triobike in one word?  Its Effing FUN!

Stay tuned for more pics and my full review.

Have a great weekend!


We are the night

We are the night, originally uploaded by 'Xander @416cyclestyle.

I've been having way too much fun with photo apps. But if anyone is on instagram please follow us.



This is my Toronto

This photo was captured by film maker and Velo Vogue photographer Kristin Tieche.
She was in town for a few days for the screening of her film "Forms of Identification" at the female eye film fest. 

IMG_5986 no standing

Yes this is my Toronto.
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