The embrace from a loved one, the warmth of a lingering kiss, a hand to hold when all alone
and the friend who has your back when you're wrapped up in a crazy life triangle.

Some say it's only an accessory, however when you find the perfect scarf it can be
the catalyst that morphs an outfit into an experience.
Meet the Larry Scarf.
It's the offspring of a collaboration between "d a c e" a clean lined Vancouver based designer
and "Larry", who through the nomadic wizardry of well cared for Alpacas,
has created the perfect contrast of clean and confusion.

I was chosen to win this amazing scarf through the d a c e comment contest,
where I had to describe which d a c e coat I would pair this scarf with.


I left the following tidbit to seize the day,

"As a guy, I'd rock that scarf with the camel star cape, denim skinny jeans and some argyle socks and chukkas..
I'd also need some vintage riding gloves, a busted up English driving cap and a kick ass bicycle.
A bottle of wine would go pretty sweet with it also."

Riding a bicycle is the perfect reason to wear something around your neck,
and if you don't have the luxury of a friend to hug you while riding,
a scarf is the next best thing.


Thank you d a c e and larry for being my hug.

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