Coming back by BIXI from the BikingToronto social meetup at the Madison, the streets are still alive with bicycles.
Even at 10 p.m the stop lights along the main arteries have Night Riders rolling almost 10 deep.

mcdonalds night

As things heat up I'm looking for the best ice-cream parlors that are bicycle and family friendly.

"Icecream Invasions" is my theme for the summer, however my parlour of choice will have to provide a vegan option due to my pact with @theathletarian to partake in
#60daysofHerbivore. Do you know of any vegan icecream joints?

Q: What is your favorite Ice Cream Parlour in Toronto?

A: Spending a lot of time in the Roncy neighborhood our family haunt for icecream and foreign films has been The Film Buff.
"Atomic Chocolate" is to die for, and their selection of Italian films remind me of my most favorite Gelato shop in Italy which is in the town of Belagio on the shore of lake como.

Italians know their icecream.
Belagio, Italy
best gelato in the world
The best Gelato in Italy.
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