After leaving the Backwards Rider encounter, we left the alley way and wandered in search of new vibes.
We were able to photograph the surrounding street scenes and cyclists but a soundtrack was missing.

On the way home we stumbled upon a new sound from down under, a project called RUFUS. They describe themselves as ,
“A new Sydney outfit gearing up for a massive live show and EP for the approaching summer…
A mix of live percussion, samples and synthesisers pulsate a lo-fi groove with melodic round lead lines, bass and sparkling vocals.”

Here are the pics set to ,"WE LEFT" by RUFUS. Remixed by, " Ride The Universe "
(Who are my new favourite DJ's on Soundcloud.)

Spare 5 minutes and experience the ride we found.

Toronto Rides the Universe.

Stay Safe.


If the rain kept you in enjoy this flick and feel the jealousy.
Don't worry, there will be more sunshine.

My wife has been a long time Kate Spade fan, and for our denim wedding she got married in a pair of Kate's colourful fun.


Since then our house has blossomed with Kate Spade accessories, shoes, bags and even a stroller!
Now we need to get the matching bicycle?

I'll be waiting for the Jack Spade version.




It was a double take, sipping coffee, wandering the graffiti alleyways parallel to Queen West.
In a moment of chance, I pressed the shutter and he appeared in my viewfinder.


The Backwards Rider a.k.a Leslie Slowley is an Eco Warrior fighting for the rejuvenation of the planet and humanity.

He has been riding in reverse on the streets of Toronto since 2009.

If you get a chance, stop him for a second to query the philosophy behind why he rides backwards,

it may just spark something in you to rewind and look deeper into your own life .

Theres always another way to look at things.


Check out his website and youtube channel for a taste of the backwards experience.

There is also info on how you can join in on the about-face fun.

I know i'm going to give it a shot.



Toronto Tweed Tuesday

There has been some back alleyway talk of planning a Toronto Version of the London Tweed Run.
It seems like we may be headed down the donegal path to the Toronto Tweed ride as Joe from Biking Toronto has created a facebook page to gauge the interest.

Please join them!

For those not familiar with the London Tweed Run check out these pics from Flickr Photographer, "Funny Cyclist" out of London. ( U.K not ON)

London Tweed run April 2011 (85)r
London Tweed run April 2011 (209)r
London Tweed run April 2011 (225)r
London Tweed run April 2011 (253)r

Cross your fingers , Raid the vintage stores, get some argyle socks and start growing your mustache. (women included)

Maybe a Movember Toronto Tweed ride would be good?



Spring Speed: Lakeshore Velodrome

I spent this weekend with my family by the lake.
My brother moved back into the Swansea neighbourhood and is lucky enough to have a velodrome only 5 minutes away.

Check out their speed...


They must have been going at least 12 kmph.


Heres the victory lap.

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