From Metrallo in Bogota Columbia comes my Friday Flickr Fave, We don't have many Piazza's or open public squares, however we do share pigeons and bicycles in common.

Keep those pics coming.

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CycleCouture and Cargo vs Car

For those who know me know I am no longer 100% car free. I move constantly between the edges and centre of the city and with the addition of a 5 year old boy and a 9 month old girl I have had slight need for the use of a car.

However now that Princess Lia is nearing her 1st anniversary I have started to look for a chariot for her to replace the Prius with.

I've been eyeing the NIHOLA and Christiania Boxcycle and come April when CycleCouture opens its doors to Toronto, the Velorbis line up with its Scrap deluxe and Mobii Trike will be available.

Cycle Couture was recently featured on Postcity.com which with their exclusive lineup of wares hits a specific demographic that could be a catalyst of change. I cant wait to test ride them all and choose one.

I've had my eye on Velorbis as it is one of the recommended rides by Mr Copenhagen Cycle Chic. I also have a thing for big bouncy tires which the Scrap Deluxe has an abundance of.
Recently on Copenhagen Cycle Chic and on the Blogosphere there has been an influx of posts regarding the use of the cargo bike. As a family man I fall into the "precious cargo"demographic and now lean towards the Mobii Trike.

In specific neighbourhoods of Toronto the cargo bike could be the missing puzzle piece to spark their own complete street strategy. Parents already fork out thousands of dollars on highend strollers and carbon covered eyecandy.
Those who don't cycle would no longer view the bicycle as only a tool for rebellious hipsters, adventurous vagrants and speed hungry roadies, the family cargo bike could become the mini-mini van that slows down and shows up at soccer practice or for practical reasons picks up the beer and milk.

Good things come in a box.

Some boxes have 2 or 3 wheels.

For other ideas that have wheels visit CycleCouture and other retailers at this weeks Toronto Bicycle Show.


Monday Mashup

stylevsspeed mobile mashups

I've been listening to a bunch of musical mashups and mixes on Soundcloud.com

I decided to do the same with a few photos.

Mash it up!

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