Friday First Impressions: Urbana

The Cult part within North American Cycle Culture may have you believe that the cyclist mentality revolves around the Bicycle.
But is that really the case?

I believe it's the experience which is the main reason we pick up two wheels and ride.
When i'm on a bicycle there is a feeling of detachment and freedom I seldom find while walking or driving.
This feeling could explain why others are so reluctant to change once they've been hooked.

So what are bicycle companies trying to sell? I hope its not just two wheels.

Sell me fun.
Sell me the ability to enjoy sunshine and rain,
Sell me stability and security.
Sell me an alternative way to be part of my city.

I've been very selective about reviewing Bicycles so my readers may find it strange that I am going to review a bicycle. ( i'm actually a virgin reviewer)
However I was intrigued by the crossover concept of Urbana Bikes as they value the FUN in Function.

First impressions after the first spin around the block?
I'm all smiles.

Stay tuned for my full review.

Have a great weekend.

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