Taking off for Thursday

I'll be off with the family tonight to beautiful Bavaro Beach,
So i'll be combining my usual weekly flickr Fave in this post.

This weeks fave comes from Amsterdamize, who exists in a bicycle nirvana
that I hope to visit next year with the family.

It's a photo excerpt from his Hurt and Heart post.


My son pointed out a caption from his favourite author that is perfect for this photo.

"Stop dog stop the light is red, GO DOG GO! it's green ahead!"

At first glance the joy in her face shows no indication that she is injured.

And with the approaching winter upon us this type of mentality is what we need.

Keep smiling, Keep your head up, and Keep riding!

See you next week!

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely photo. I just had my first dog in a bike basket ride last weekend. It went quite well, despite my initial concern about whether or not the little dog, a Chihuahua would cooperate. I experience an unfamiliar joie de vivre. I just may keep the little pooch.


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