I've always said to tourists and even citizens in Toronto that you've never really ridden the streets of Toronto

until you've had a TTC Streetcar breathing down the nape of your neck as you try

and navigate the narrow gaps of potholes trash and door prizes of Toronto's bike lanes

or lack thereof.

Swimming with the Sharks as some may say? Or as the video above, "Senza Paura" = "No Fear"

College & Carlton, Dundas St. Queen St. , King St. and to the north, St Clair west, are main core roads that intersect the city centre.

And all of them have street car tracks.


Seasoned veterans of the streets can attest to the electrically charged adrenaline rush of

when you are being slowly chased by a rumbling road and metal wheels,

mere inches from your pedals.


Q: How does riding with the streetcar make you feel?

A: I've always had a mild relationship with the streetcars,

It's the streetcar tracks that i've had to breakup with on a few occasions.

I have to admit that crossing streetcar tracks at weird angles can cause bodily harm.

But so can my stupidity.

I love it when people on the Streetcar say hello as they roll past,

or give you the finger when you breeze by them stuck in traffic.

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  1. If you give streetcars a wide berth and stop when they stop, they're pretty safe. Buses give me more creeps than streetcars. They take up the right lane and weave in and out and I often get the feeling that the drivers have no idea you're there.


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