With the launch of Bixi here in Toronto, it sparked an idea for the boys to take our friend
Paul from Germany on a road trip to Montreal to get a taste of a different Canadian City.
For only 5$ per 24 hours, their BIXI program is the perfect way for a visitor to get around
the city and make quick stops at every deli, market, and restaurant along the ride.

Montreal has come a long way since they implemented BIXI.
Their system of one way streets is a complement to the new separated bike lanes and improved cycling infrastructure.
BIXI has transformed Montreal's bicycle culture into one that no longer has to fight to survive.
The routine of the normal citizen now includes the bicycle as a viable option to enjoy a more liveable city.
With construction season starting, a bicycle is also the best way to bypass traffic with ease.
Montreal has harnessed the energy of thousands of bicycles to breathe life and movement into its people.
Hopefully it convinced the boys to sign up for a BIXI Toronto membership.

Thank you Montreal for sharing your streets with me.
Visit us in Toronto any time.


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  1. I hear in Montreal they are pretty fierce winter cyclists too, ice be damned.


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