The Cycle Chic Blogger Conference 2011 will take place in Barcelona. It is a By Invitation Only event, and 416cyclestyle has been invited. (yah Toronto!)

The network of Cycle Chic blogs continues to grow and the owner of the blog that started it all, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, together with Barcelona Cycle Chic, thought it high time to meet up and hang out with those Cycle Chic bloggers with whom we share a common philosophy. It's more of a meet up than a conference. More of a social networking party weekend than power points.

On June 17th to 19th the Global Cycle Chic gang members will be descending upon a seductive Spanish city to discuss Bicycle advocacy 2.0 or the art of getting the average citizen out using a bicycle as an everyday tool. I also expect to have a ton of pedal powered fun.

For this Barcelona Blogging adventure we need Sponsors and Trendsetters who wouldn’t mind sparing a few trinkets and even a bicycle or 2 that we can showcase in Barcelona’s urban environment for the Global Cycle Chic audience. We’d love to do a, “Trade for Print” partnership for this pedal powered press trip and future opportunities as well.

This would be a great opportunity to have your product showcased within the cargo bike load of Cycle Chic photos and videos that will be taken of how Barcelona and the Cycle Chic gang rocks their Local and Global Cycle Chic.

The Global Cycle Chic Collective is a bunch of creative minds who specialize in Fashion, Photography, Film, Travel , Food, and the love of the bicycle. Through the use of Social Media we have access to every continent and almost every country in the world. Please help to spread the Toronto love in Barcelona.

If you have any Bicycle related products that you would like to have featured on 416cyclestyle we’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions on how you can get involved our contact info is below.

Thanks and Happy riding

Mikael from Copenhagen Cycle Chic: originalcyclechic@gmail.com
‘Xander from 416 Cycle Style Toronto: 416cyclestyle@gmail.com
Txell from Barcelona Cycle Chic at: txell@barcelonacyclechic.com

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