Friday Flickr Fave BCN BICING and BIXI TO

Spring is creeping in and the launch of BIXI Toronto is on its way.

A prime example of how a bike share program has transformed into an everyday element of city transportation, is this photo from the SDB flickr pool by Bart Omeu.

BICING or, "Bike share" in Barcelona is more like a "City share" program. It allows its citizens to experience an enhanced standard of city living that in previous years did not exist. It shouts," buy into Barcelona and you get all this..."

2011_febrer 761 I've been admiring Barts' documentation of Barcelona street life, and through conversations and comparisons with Tursime Barcelona and theirBarcelona by bicycle guide I can imagine that the vibe in this photo will one day be pulsing through the heart of Toronto.

Estrellats? Here's to wishing on a star. To sign up for a BIXI TO membership and purchase your little piece of the Toronto experience: CLICK HERE.

To watch how BICING has changed Barcelona watch below.

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