Bar-Barianz giveaway

The night comes early in December, and for those still riding through the winter I thought i'd have a little giveaway to help brighten someones day ( or night)

Through some trade for print work I was able to secure a lineup of Bar-Barianz Bike Lights.
Some lucky reader will win , "Phantasma de Ojos"


All you have to do is ,"Like" us on our facebook page and answer the poll on,"Do you ride at night?"

We'll pick a random winner from the respondants and mail out your little green monster.

Contest Closes December 20th.




Blockbuster Scarves

Does size matter?

Or does colour matter?


It may if you are choosing a scarf.



Friday First Impressions: Urbana

The Cult part within North American Cycle Culture may have you believe that the cyclist mentality revolves around the Bicycle.
But is that really the case?

I believe it's the experience which is the main reason we pick up two wheels and ride.
When i'm on a bicycle there is a feeling of detachment and freedom I seldom find while walking or driving.
This feeling could explain why others are so reluctant to change once they've been hooked.

So what are bicycle companies trying to sell? I hope its not just two wheels.

Sell me fun.
Sell me the ability to enjoy sunshine and rain,
Sell me stability and security.
Sell me an alternative way to be part of my city.

I've been very selective about reviewing Bicycles so my readers may find it strange that I am going to review a bicycle. ( i'm actually a virgin reviewer)
However I was intrigued by the crossover concept of Urbana Bikes as they value the FUN in Function.

First impressions after the first spin around the block?
I'm all smiles.

Stay tuned for my full review.

Have a great weekend.

From This to That

Soon this will be the new standard on our cycle styled streets.

After all.


This is Canada.


We ride in winter.


Taking off for Thursday

I'll be off with the family tonight to beautiful Bavaro Beach,
So i'll be combining my usual weekly flickr Fave in this post.

This weeks fave comes from Amsterdamize, who exists in a bicycle nirvana
that I hope to visit next year with the family.

It's a photo excerpt from his Hurt and Heart post.


My son pointed out a caption from his favourite author that is perfect for this photo.

"Stop dog stop the light is red, GO DOG GO! it's green ahead!"

At first glance the joy in her face shows no indication that she is injured.

And with the approaching winter upon us this type of mentality is what we need.

Keep smiling, Keep your head up, and Keep riding!

See you next week!



The embrace from a loved one, the warmth of a lingering kiss, a hand to hold when all alone
and the friend who has your back when you're wrapped up in a crazy life triangle.

Some say it's only an accessory, however when you find the perfect scarf it can be
the catalyst that morphs an outfit into an experience.
Meet the Larry Scarf.
It's the offspring of a collaboration between "d a c e" a clean lined Vancouver based designer
and "Larry", who through the nomadic wizardry of well cared for Alpacas,
has created the perfect contrast of clean and confusion.

I was chosen to win this amazing scarf through the d a c e comment contest,
where I had to describe which d a c e coat I would pair this scarf with.


I left the following tidbit to seize the day,

"As a guy, I'd rock that scarf with the camel star cape, denim skinny jeans and some argyle socks and chukkas..
I'd also need some vintage riding gloves, a busted up English driving cap and a kick ass bicycle.
A bottle of wine would go pretty sweet with it also."

Riding a bicycle is the perfect reason to wear something around your neck,
and if you don't have the luxury of a friend to hug you while riding,
a scarf is the next best thing.


Thank you d a c e and larry for being my hug.



Fall into Friday

Early mornings are frosted over as the red line dips below zero.
you'll need more than that coffee to warm your soul on your ride.


Layers of clothing and color, and changes in hem lines and hand accessories are a necessity.


It's SS season! And we're not referring to a Single Speed...
Sweaters and Scarves can make a bold statement, and keep you toasty through the wind gusts.

Have a great weekend.



Friday Flickr Fave is Golden

Coming off the Tweed Ride high, i'm settling back into the autumn blues...browns and Gold?

our leader

From Miss Cupcake Ride herself comes this wonderful capture,
No its not Halloween, and that isn't an Oscar riding a fixie.

It's a Deadly Night Shade rocking some golden glam and fur for the last Style Spin of 2011.
I'm going to have to make it out for one of the spins next year...

Toronto has some awesome group rides...

Hope to see you all on one...

Happy Friday!



It was an amazing turnout for the 1st Toronto Tweed ride.

The drizzle and 60 km/h wind gusts made traversing the iconic TTC streetcar tracks a menace,

however we kept calm and carried on.

tweed wrapup

The ride itself was the climax to weeks of planning outfits, raiding value village and grandparents closets for vintage treasures and teacups,

polishing shoes and chrome parts and building teams and new friendships across Toronto’s cycling community.

I was proud to see a such a positive gathering of smiles and moustaches.

As a benefit for Bikes without Borders the Tweed Ride raised over $10,000.00 which will go toward building up the global cycling community

and linking their common needs to ours. Hip Hip Hooray!

I look forward to being part of the next ride and hope to see more people join.

For additional coverage of the ride please click on the links below.

Dandyhorse: Bowlers, Bow Ties and Bikes:

Toronto Tweed Ride Flickr Pool

Toronto Tweed Ride Facebook page

Toronto Tweed Ride Facebook Photo Album

Here are two videos I took of the ride.



Sound and Socks Give Away

Staying true to the Tweedride themed soundtrack running through my mind,
I am doing our very first giveaway!

One lucky person will get a wonderful pair of unisex knee high argyle socks
(they can fit my calves!)
Perfect for a tweed outfit or for adding some diamond love to your legs.

They are paired up with Matrix NRG mini speakers which are perfect for plugging into your iPhone or non working Blackberry and streaming music in your front basket while you ride.

I personally use my speakers in a martini shaker attached to a coffee cup holder for a waterproof genie in a bottle sound system.
See the DIY video below.

So here's how to enter to win.

1. Like our facebook page ( the link is also on the sidebar)

2. In the comments on this post or in the comment on our facebook page linking to this post, tell me what your favorite street to ride on is.
( It doesn't have to be in Toronto)

3. Smile every day. Even on Monday.

From the entries I'll generate a number sheet and have Mr. Dia circle a random number.
if that was your entry number, Hooray! you win.

The giveaway contest ends on Halloween 12:noon Monday, October 31st.
I will contact the winner with the delivery details.

Good Luck!

{*Due to border customs issues for electrical devices, only Canadian entries can be accepted to win....
However please like our facebook page for future contests and giveaways..}


Tweed Tuesday


Hey Followers, The Toronto Tweed Ride is only 4 days away.
If you aren't able to come ride with me I would appreciate if you could donate in support of Bikes Without Borders.

Bikes Without Borders is an organization which seeks to provide access to low-cost affordable bicycles to every person on the planet,
regardless of their location or socioeconomic status.
BWB uses bikes as a tool for development and social change, addressing issues of poverty, education and health.

I'd love it if you'd join me, or if you can't please donate whatever you can.

Just in case you missed it. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

Thanks for your support!



Are my eyes playing tricks on me? or is it the weather?

It's no illusion that the leaves are changing color.

Going back into the archives of October I came across some photos that made me take a second look.

5044 Rapunzel

Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your (horse) hair?

IMG_2095 cross legged illusion

And how do you ride that bicycle cross legged?



Tuesday Tweed.

You don't have to wait until the Toronto Tweed ride to rock your tweeds.
If the temperature drops below 20 degrees and the leaves are changing colours, it's the perfect time!


If you walk along Bloor between Bay and Yonge, almost all of the fashion retailers are showing off their fall tweeds and colour schemes.
The window at Holt Renfrew hints at the type of ensemble I'd love to see on October 15th. It is topped off with the perfect accessory, a Penny Farthing.

I wonder if Holt Renfrew would consider being a sponsor for the next Toronto Tweed Ride?


You don't have to go head to toe in tweed to get into tune with autumn, Just wear one element and build out from there.

Accessories are the perfect element to start with, Hats, gloves, stockings and scarves can add a little wooly love to any ride.




Hello Dandies,

On behalf of Tammy Thorne and the entire 2011 dandy crew they would like to cordially invite you to their launch party for their fabulous food issue.

The Food Issue is guest edited by Bob Blumer of the Food Network, a guy that bikes 1,000 kms in 10 days and calls it a vacation. Also in this issue:

*dandyhorse pits Canadian pro rider Ryder Hesjedal against Toronto courier Kevin Barnhorst
*Two of Toronto's best chefs concoct energy bars that actually taste good
*A cyclists' tribute to Jack Layton
*Artwork by Jason van Horne
*Stunning photos by John Lee and Molly Crealock
*Bike Spotting with more cargo bikes than you can shake a tire lever at
*And much, much more

Help us celebrate 7 fantastic issues:

What: dandyhorse Food Issue Launch Party
When: Starts at 8 p.m. on Monday, October 3rd
Where: Parts & Labour - 1566 Queen Street West
Cost: $7 for magazine + PWYC donation ($3 suggested)
Find the event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=267992546555792

There will be a special performance by LUxURY Bob!

We also have two Linus bikes up for grabs, courtesy of Curbside Cycle. Raffle tickets are only $5 each! Draw is at 11 p.m. Please note: the same person can't win both bikes.

Hope to see you there!




It's almost autumn... the perfect time to explore for new places to grab a drink.
Be it in wine country in Niagara, or just cruising Queen St. for a coffee, A bicycle can get you there.

Q: Where is your favourite place for a drink in Toronto?

A: I'm a coffee drinker, and tend to bounce between The Mascot on Queen St west
and Cherry Bomb on Roncesvalles. A great stretch of love..





"Tweed Rides are a worldwide phenomenon, started in London in the fall of 2009 as “The Tweed Run London.” Promoted as a slower-paced “metropolitan ride with a bit style” they dressed up in tweeds, rode their bikes through London streets celebrating the bike and raising money for a good cause.

Tweed Ride Toronto is a group bicycle ride through downtown Toronto, in which the cyclists are encouraged to dress in classic tweed or any smart looking outfit. Any effort made to recreate the spirit of a bygone era is also appreciated. Any and all bicycles are acceptable.

Participants take in some our cities finest landmarks, breaking for prize photo ops and high tea with Urbane Cyclist, and ending the day with a smashing two-floor big band, swing dancing party.

Tweed Ride Toronto is a fund-raiser for Bikes Without Borders, a Toronto non-profit organization dedicated to using bikes and bike related solutions as a tool for development in marginalized communities. It is organized by BikingToronto.com and Bikes Without Borders."

I hope to see you there!

If you can't make the ride PLEASE support BWB and sponsor me on my ride.

Every dollar helps, even my friends from overseas can donate.

to sponsor me PLEASE CLICK HERE




We carry different forms of cargo.
Some more precious than others.
Precious Cargo.

What does your cargo consist of?


Flickr Friday: Bad boys Bad Boys..

Whatcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when they come for you?

With all the hype over police bicycle crackdowns for sidewalk riding and red light running,
I thought I'd throw some humor in for the weekend.

Enjoy your ride.


JT & JB in TO

With TIFF starting we will soon stars and starlets to invade the streets and red carpets of Toronto. Hopefully when they venture out, they'll choose to travel like these two.
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel by bicycle.
Making Toronto streets a bit more beautiful.
(well at least she is...)

Maybe we can get them to join the Toronto Cyclists Union ?

Can't hurt to ask.

Photo courtesy of etalk


Taking off Tuesday

Summer heat is dissipating into an autumn chill, the morning rides will soon require layers
that mask the memories of sunny days and the glow or burn of a tan.
I plan on taking off soon for a vacation, however unlike Lola, my bicycle does not fly.

Summer days II

Enchantment by Dara Scully , "summer days II"



For those who know me they'll know I love leather bags, especially Roots bags.
That is why I'm happy to see Roots using Bicycles again in their advertising campaign.

This Photo Shoot was taken on the University of Toronto campus which is a cycling hub for students and commuters
which zip down St. George to Beverley and the downtown core.
Their Vintage Varsity 2011 preview has hints of Cycle Chic woven into its soundtrack by Olanna Taskey.


Where will your Roots take you?


double ride postcard
Ever since I was given "Griffith and Sabine" I've been interested in sending postcards.
I used to make and trade postcards with many people but since email has reduced the need for snail mail correspondence, my youthful pastime has almost disappeared.

However if any of you are interested in receiving a postcard from Toronto send me an email through the contact form and I'll be off to the post office to buy some stamps.



FRIDAY FLICKR FAVE: Kissing in Kensington

There"s something about the bohemian atmosphere of Kensington Market that allows the love to flow and grow.
Todays Friday Flickr Fave comes from Ketwam who's photostream has caught my eye.

Kissing in Kensington

Down every street and alleyway there are traces of love.


Have a great weekend!




I've been sensing a shift in preference when it comes to the bicycle of choice for the urban speed and style conscious.
Many are ditching the deraileur for low maintenance internal geared hubs or bringing it back to basics with either a singlespeed or fixed gear hub.

Harbord St. Toronto, ON Canada

Taking cues from the Deadly Night Shades and websites such as Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan and 407Fixedgear is the fixie or singlespeed the new black?

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