Think Bike

Some may have noticed that the Kingdom of the Netherlands have been infiltrating the streets of Toronto. Ever since their departure from the world cup, they've found a way to keep a bit of orange around.

My 4 year old son was blown away that there was a real Kingdom where the Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, all rode bicycles. He found it interesting that with so many bicycles they were able to keep their dragons under control.

That medieval scenario from a 4 year old is not too far off from what the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the City of Toronto is trying to do. Keep our dragons under control.

Last weekend through a Series of workshops the City of Toronto and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands hosted Dutch bicycle planners for the ThinkBike Workshops.thinkbike1/

Toronto and Dutch bicycle professionals formed two teams for this event. The teams considered new elements to improve Toronto's cycling strategy. Each team was be given a Toronto cycling infrastructure problem to solve, and considered related social and communication issues. The results were unveiled at a free public event at the El Mocambo. Style wise there was one guy who opted out of the orange and rocked a suit on a Batavus personal bike for their tour of the city. Common clothes for a common activity.

Although I wasn't able to make the events, I am grateful that our neighbours from across the pond have taken a vested interest in improving our city. With 140 neighbourhoods in Toronto i've been able to observe through my pet projects on 416cyclestyle that the bicycle is helping to connect these micro communities.

Our global community is shrinking through the use of the internet. Proof of this is that Toronto is showing up on the Amsterdamize radar. We must be doing something right. Once I make it to Amsterdam i'll be able to compare.

Screen shot 2010-09-18 at 8.31.20 PM

In view of the rapid expansion of the GTA and its urban sprawl, the future of Toronto will evolve based on how closely we can keep our neighbourhoods connected.

Roads and pathways connect cities, neighborhoods, and people. Lets help to keep Toronto connected.

Think bike.


Marlen James Monday

Spent a Sunday with Boudoir and Pinup Photographer Miss Marlen James.
She was daring enough to step through to the other side of the camera for her bicycle portrait.
MJ has adopted a bicycle as her pet, as they are way easier to train than a dog or a boa constrictor.
The downside to owning a bicycle as a pet is that they get stolen more often that a puppy would.
When your bike does get taxed, Toronto LBS's are always happy to help you get into a new or used ride.

Happy riding MJ.
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