Remembering the Rain on Roncy'

I don't mind rainy days, especially since a bucket just dropped on us today.

Here is a picture to reminisce about, especially when there was a time that streetcars moved up and down Roncesvalles.

Unfortunately in the past year Roncy’ has been hit with a season of Construction. However with the heartbeat of a supportive neighbourhood the charming shops and cafes are fighting to survive.

Stop by the shops of Roncesvalles and show some local support.

Smile.... Its only rain.


Travel Tandem Tuesday

We are Tandem

Only an hour from Toronto, Langdon Hall in Cambridge is a member of the prestigious Relaix & Chateaux hotel group. When it comes to measuring Langdon Hall on the, " 5 C's" of Character, Calm, Charm, Courtesy and Cuisine,they rank very high amongst the hotels we've visited.

Any establishment that can handle our, "4 kid" test is an automatic recommendation. They went so far as to offer us a suite to use as our baby changing facilities while we enjoyed brunch.

To top it off they provide free bicycles for their guests which even includes a tandem that my wife and I took for a country tour through the winding roads.

For more info please visit http://www.langdonhall.ca/



Langdon Hall, Cambridge Ontario
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