I Pity The Fool

, originally uploaded by CHUNKS!.

For those who troll craigslist in search of their stolen treasures are quick to realize that in the City of Toronto, regardless of what you lock your bike up with, your shit may still get stolen.

And even though Toronto is dubbed the bike theft capital of North America, we still take the risk everyday and ride.

Because thats what we do.

This Night Rider portrait by Flickr member CHUNKS! (goonies!) captures this attitude to the" T." or due to the heavy chain around the handlebars, "Mr T"

I pity the fool who tries to steal this bike.


Sugar Beach Social Blur

The equivalent to holding hands through crowded sidewalks.

Call it a commute or enjoying company, the social aspect of the ride is a constant blur to those who standby and wish they had the summer scent of the lake breeze pushing them towards the next stop light.

A simple smile passing Sugar Beach.

We've caught green.

Ride on.

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