Friday Flowers

friday flowers, originally uploaded by 'Xander @416cyclestyle.

This weekend in the city there is a ton to do.
Don't keep yourself cooped up without air conditioning.
Get outside, enjoy the weather and stop to smell the flowers.

Happy Friday


LIFE n' Perspective

day1561 fri25jun2010, originally uploaded by a.pic.a.day.

With all this G20 blowback filtering through the city, i've turned outside Toronto for some daydream wandering through the pages of an Amsterdam native who has a wonderful coffee table book of her, "Life n' Perspective of a Genuine Bicyclist"

Her glamourous panda styled collection is of a view not easily captured or seen while riding.

It's amazing how beautifully simillar Toronto and Amsterdam can be when you capture simple frames of frozen moments.

Click here to view and purchase this wonderful collection of Photographs by, "Mariëlle Leenen"


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