STOP THIEF! ***Please Help find this Bicycle!***

Whomever stole this bicycle you are a real knob!

A call for help went out via flickr for a stolen bicycle

If anyone happens to see this Brown Batavus Bicycle of which I shot its graceful owner, please let me know or leave a message with new Flickr user, "BatavusDonna" who is the owner pictured here on her bicycle.

As you can see this Bicycle belonged to more than one owner.

And as a parent i'd like to kick this eFFin' thief in the ass!

Any help is much appreciated.


LGRB summer games, task #3 Decorate your Bicycle.

Anyone up for tipsy arts and crafts?

Decorate your bicycle with custom cork.

Here are my, "Christina Ascheri Moscato D'Asti" cork valve caps.

My brother fresh back from his italian adventure with his wife (who broke her leg in a Vespa accident in the Sorrento hills and spent 2 weeks in an Italian private hospital ) fell in love with Moscato and has since purchased 20 bottles of this wonderful refreshment.

I've decided to recycle the corks. here's how to do it.

step 1. get a good bottle of anything corked
step 2. open the bottle
step 3. empty the bottle
step 4. drill a hole
step 5. put in some glue
step 6. shove in a valve cap
step 7. repeat with another bottle and a few friends.
step 8. screw them on.
Haru, with Wine Box and Cork Valve Caps


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