Feeling Chippy?


Actually its Thursday when this post was written, but since we are having a baby tomorrow have a great long weekend.

I'll be taking a short break from blogging to spend time with Lia.

But i'll be updating via Twitter.



Summer Games - Part I

The Dead End Crew

dead end crew, originally uploaded by http://www.flickr.com/people/torontobikechic/.
As part of the letsgorideabike.com summer games we took a pic of our Sunday Social ride during my wifes baby shower.

I'm amazed how cycling has rubbed off on family just by inviting them out to some fresh air and fun while shaking hands with the neighborhood bike lanes. My son Dia just took off his training wheels, and my neice D' nay just got a folder for her Birthday. My brother D'ante who is recovering from knee surgery and is still running the Ottawa marathon rides for rehab and just because. Auntie P.P.F (poo poo face) is also a hard core marathon runner freak, and is slowly learning that slowing down on a real bike beats spinning 50km to nowhere on a stationary bike.

I can't wait till Friday when, little Lia is born and takes her first leg stretch.

A sign of things to come.


The Summer Stare

...yes that is sunshine

It finally hit 20+ degrees today.

Bring on Summer

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