The Chase, The Race, The Face

i've been watching too much Twilight, and since New Moon popped out on DVD, memories of my teenage years filled with summer night bike rides and Anne Rice Vampire chronicles are leaking back into my mind.

If Vampires rode bicycles, i'd think their presence would feel like this.

IMG_2669 the chase
IMG_2667 the race
IMG_2662 the face


Modrobes Monday

IMG_2655, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

If you haven't made it down to the new Modrobes Sustainable Garment shop @ 620 Queen West you should stop by. Just watch out for the bunny rabbit.

You'll have the option to walk in and ride out, as they have been invaded by some sexy city bikes from Abici, Batavus, Pashley and Biomega supplied by the team at Curbside.

Its great to see this Canadian clothing company embrace a sustainable transport option along side a sustainable clothing line.
To top it off, their whole store is made out of recycled materials.

I had a friendly chat with the Founder & Designer Steven Sal Debus, who coincidently was at Woodstock '99 at the same time as I was watching things burn down. His sustainable shift on the Modrobes theme has introduced practical and personable garments that would work well with any urban wardrobe.

Check out their clothing line as they are no longer the company who only makes cool pants.



IMG_2662 the face

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