Waiting in the Wings eh?

From the virtual pages of Copenhagen Cycle Chic comes the top 5 Cycle Chic cities.

1. Copenhagen 2.Tokyo 3. Amsterdam 4. Paris 5. London

Superbe choices, as if we remove the aspect of the bicycle from all 5 cities, they all rock some serious street style whether their citizens walk, ride or drive.

Now Toronto didn't make the top five. But being mentioned along side Montreal as "waiting in the wings" are great kudos to the Canadian Cycling and Fashion culture. It means we are on the right track. It also helps that Toronto is infused with a melting pot of citizens from all 5 of the top Cycle Chic cities.


If something as simple as a bicycle can be accepted and injected into our mainstream Toronto culture, this upcoming winter storm may just melt into a sultry spring.



Mexico Monday for #TT

The weather report says snow is on the way. I'll believe it when i see it.

I love the snow, however the itravel2000.com travel jingle wont leave my head, and ever since the launch of Bike By The Seas' Cycle Chic map, I've been on virtual vacations, one of which recently took me to Mexico. They even have a BIKE SHARE program there!

Mexico Cycle Chic, a wonderful Spanish spin off of Copenhagen Cycle Chic (without the wonderful snow photos) They have eccentric candy cane striped bicycles captured in their photos, Bicycle, compliments of,"lebicichic"

I have yet to venture to Mexico city, though the lure of history and mystery is calling.

Time to brush up on my Spanish.

Happy #TT
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