Travel Tuesday: Veneto Resolutions

The olympics are on.

There is snow on the ground.

It's the perfect setting for a winter daydream ride to the top of the boot.

Our little Lia Vittoria will be coming in May, so once her little legs sprout to touch the pedals and can ride for a few kms on her own, our family is planning an inspirational Slow down and smell the roses Cycle Stylish type tour.

Inspired by their 2010 resolutions postcards I received in the mail, Butterfield and Robinson tempts me to relive the conquests of Cassanova, with the allure of a bubble gum covered Juliet's balcony through their Verona to Venice bicycle tour.

An adventure featuring, agritourism, personal picnics, treasure filled markets, and getting lost amongst the multiple canals of Venice. I long to bring my little ones to chase pigeons in the square.

I spent 6 weeks in italy on our honeymoon, and its been a dream of mine to eventually obtain a retirement home there.

30 more years and a lot of pedalling to go.

Time to start saving.
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