The Snow can't stop the Style

Barrie just got Buried in 3 feet of snow, And an hour south here in Toronto we are still seeing green grass and dry pavement.

Across the pond the Danes haven't slowed down in the snow.

I borrowed these photos from Mikael over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Idathue from the Original Cycle Chic pool to illustrate the contrast and difference in mentality that Canadian culture has vs Copenhagen.

Keep on RollingLife on my street
Evening Flow 8

Although these photos may seem foreign to us here in Toronto.
These scenes could as easily be here in Toronto.

Lead by example?

A silent winter ride speaks volumes.


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  1. It drives me crazy when I read/hear people say you *CAN'T* ride a bike during our winter weather.

    To be honest I'll happily take Ontario's winter weather to what Vancouver is expected to get (60-100 mm of rain).

    Looking out the window now, the sun is shinning and grass showing with a bit of snow on top.

    I would say in the past 5 years, only two days have I been unable to ride a bike because of all the snow...Most cars were stuck as well though.


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