Union to Unity through Utility cycling

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"In an effort to share the daily experience of thousands of cycle commuters, the Toronto Cyclists Union led 8 of the Mayoral Candidates on a 30 minute rush-hour commute by bicycle this morning. Candidates were invited to share their experience & plans with the media at a 9:15am press conference."

"Yvonne Bambrick, the Toronto Cyclists Union’s Director of Communications led today’s 20 person ride with the assistance of Toronto Police. The 30 minute ride, which stayed within the downtown core, allowed candidates to experience almost the full range of scenarios faced on a daily urban commute by bicycle. The ride took candidates on arterials with bike lanes, without bike lanes, on roads with construction, roads scarred by utility cuts, on minor arterials, and on side streets."

Advocacy by example is a wonderful way to lead, and isn't Yvonne looking very "cycle chic" leading this pack of candidates? I'm glad that some of the candidates showed up in their suits to ride. Dressing up for the destination as they say?

“There are nearly 400,000 utilitarian cyclists in Toronto, and many more would choose to ride if they felt safe enough to do so. "

Now even though there is a race for Mayor going on in Toronto sometime slowing down is the best way to win.

Good luck to all the candidates, i'm enjoying the race so far.

(for the full press release click here)

( photos by Martin Reis)

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