No More Excuses

Wednesday morning, originally uploaded by meligrosa.

I've been an admirer of the photography and creativity of my incredibly stylish Flickr Friend Meligrosa of Bikes and the City and her caffeinated San Fransisco adventure rides.

As with many fashion shows, the complete experience comes not only from the models and clothing on the runway, but the venue the designers choose to exibit their ideas in.

On a bicycle you have multiple venues to ride or walk your bicycle through, and with each surface option, be it asphalt, sidewalk, gravel or grass the adventures that unfold are endless... should I stop and grab a coffee? should I turn down that alleyway? should i follow my friends or ride solo to make new ones?

With summer slowly winding down ,this photo of her, "Frenchie" merged into her urban landscape begs the question.

Whats your excuse?

not much going on at 7:50am

Get out and bike.

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  1. aw this is rad. many thanks for the luv!!
    bikey hugs from SF <3


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