My Monday Muse

I’ve been following the LGRB summer games, and as some of my previous posts indicated I’ve been decorating bicycles.

In the quest to personalize my fleet I’ve rolled across the Bicycle Muse, which is hosted by Caz Nicklin who hails from across the pond in the U.K

Caz recently set up shop in North America, and even though she carries some brands available to me through Toronto Local Bike shops, it ’s the lovely trinkets that are not available here that tempt me to forage online.

Due to thievery in Toronto I used to try and downplay how much I wanted to dress up my ride (as I know how bicycle vanity can become an obsession,) however having the key accessories to carry yourself and your goodies with a sense of personal style needs to be addressed.

A backpack in summer heat is a sweatshop waiting to happen. Why not opt for a lovely basket box or panniers?

I’m getting to know my inner muse, and with a little online help you can too.

Please visit the Bicycle Muse for some cycle sugar and spice.


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