#FF ALERT:The Velovirus is Cycle Chic contagious

The spread of the "Velovirus" from its originating epicentre of "Copenhagen Cycle Chic" is highly contagious, The "velo-evolution" and social media mutation of the brand has allowed it to sprout new strains.

***Please wash your hands after reading as posts and tweets from the blogosphere and twitterverse can connect pockets of people and spread word of this movement within seconds. ***

Communities of bicycle banter have been building bridges between continents whom for ages have been separated by veils of Style vs Speed, Commute vs Complain, Bicycle vs Automobile, and Practical vs Politics.

The simplicity of riding a bike in normal clothes or even ravishingly stylish costumes has taken control over its own conversation within the global cycle culture.

Although the concept of riding in comfortable and chic clothes is not new, the digital documentation of it is producing a renewed awareness and discussion of using the bicycle as the means to get to A to B without having to justify why.

A prime example of an outbreak of this virus is the increase of "California Cycle Chic" injected into my inbox.
From organized Tweed rides, Costa Mesa "Cycle Chic Sundays" and "Velo and Vintage" via Sacramento Cycle Chic to a Zoolander infused "Santa Barbara Cycle Chic" show which lets you, "Bike by the Sea". This sickness is rampantly spreading.

For those infected craving a San Francisco treat (not Rice-A-Roni ) you can drink coffee with "Bikes and the City" and if you take the chance to "Change your life and ride a bike" you could also be, "Riding Pretty" while rockin' your,"VeloVogue"

From NYC to "L.A CycleChic" it is clear this virus has spread across North America.

Thankfully Toronto has felt the side effects of having such sick neighbours, as the upcoming Momentum Bike Style Tour is slated to stop by.

While I tried to avoid the swine flu last year, this is one virus I welcome with open arms.

Its already been over a year since 416cyclestyle has been documenting this Cycle Chic plague in Toronto that started in Copenhagen, and through the support of many survivors and sufferers alike we have come to many conclusions.

Some say the cure for the Velovirus is to ride it off.

However as Mikael comments below ... "There is no cure. That's because this is the medicine."

Disease or drug?... either way its been one hell of a ride!

Happy Friday.


  1. Help! Help! Highly contagious! Someone call a doctor! Au secours!

  2. You're wrong.

    There is no cure. That's because this is the medicine.

  3. @Mikael what a lovely way at looking at it... we are all sick... and need more medicine. You are my favourite drug dealer..

  4. So one side effect is the shedding of lycra from personal workout gear? I can see why it's spreading!

  5. This is amazing. So proud to be a part of Cycle Chic Sundays and it getting props here!


  6. Yeah! California Cycle Chic!

  7. Oh God I wish I'd written this - so funny and so right !!
    Please let the virus spread down under, I'm starving here......help me !


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