It's my Commute

Riding to work is not about getting to a job.

It's Bridges that cross creeks that red breasted robins bathe in.
It's the smell of fruit blossoms and hyacinths.
It's realizing i have to cut the grass
It's counting potholes 157 and 63 sewer grates
It's about 1 nice downhill ride there and one uphill climb back
it's about breathing in air and breathing out stress.
It's smiling at the trapped passengers as they drive by.
It's random thoughts and recollections
It's life.

What's your commute?


  1. My commute is from Jameson to Bay, along King, then back home along Queen. Getting some exercise, sunshine, music, and hopefully seeing some beautiful girls doing the same.

  2. My mornings always start with a choice.

    It’s never “Should I ride?”

    But “Who should I ride - Lieberman or Herschel?”

    I make my choice. Take off.

    No time to deviate. I’m running late. I am always running late.

    And even though it’s the same route every morning, it’s always different.

    It’s the myth of Sisyphus. The route is my rock.

  3. @Bikeberryjam that stretch of king and queen is an adventure... especially when fresh baked bread is in the air..

    @simian choosing your ride and route is a great choice to make each morning.. the familliar strangeness to a routine is worth the ride..

    thanks for stopping by!

  4. Yes Jen its me, we have to go on a Macaron Ride soon...

  5. mine's the best. martin goodman trail all the way (almost). from crazy condo land west of humber bridge to the bottom of bay. you prolly know which agency sits there. cheers!


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