Global Call to Action, Help Toronto get a Bike Share Program!

Hello World.

I appreciate you stopping by this little slice of Toronto.

Right now Toronto is on the cusp of obtaining a bicycle share program that will allow Torontonians and all citizens of the world the opportunity to share and experience this wonderful city with the help of a simple two wheeled bicycle.

I feel that local pressure is not enough to get this task done. That is why i'm asking for Global Assistance.

Please read the notice below from Yvonne Bambrick of the Toronto Bike Union.

Please write a short email on why you feel Toronto deserves a bike share program or how an existing bike share program or cycling in general in your city has improved the quality of your life. If an email is too much trouble, please leave comments and i'll pass them on.

If we are successfull in acheiving our goal of bike share in Toronto, please visit us and we'll go for a ride.

Please read Yvonnes email Below:

Cheers 'Xander

Fellow Cyclists,

**Public Bike Share is almost a reality – but we’re not there yet!**

We still need to take action to make sure this public bikes program wins the support of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) on Tues April 20th, and City Council on May 11-12.

The action you took via our very effective letter-writing campaign back in February is what made the new proposal of 1000 bikes at 80 stations possible. Were it not for the 300+ compelling letters you sent the program would have died completely – we made this happen by speaking up! We must now do so again.

*-* Your URGENT 5-minute CALL TO ACTION: **
Email your friendly support before Monday April 19th at Noon for the Public Bike Share staff report and proposal is being presented on April 20th at the PWIC meeting to the PWIC Clerk, your Councillor, and Mayor Miller.*-*

Send your email to:
CC: info@bikeunion.to

Subject: Item PW32.8 - Proposed Public Bicycle Program, Staff Report (you can change the subject just make sure to include the item number)

This system would dramatically improve our city, allow more people to choose cycling as an option, and catalyze the long awaited bike infrastructure we've been requesting

More details about recent news on this issue, a link to the staff report, and some suggestions for email content can be found on the following sites:

(April 13)

PW32.8-Proposed Public Bicycle Program, Staff Report - http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2010/pw/bgrd/backgroundfile-28853.pdf



**Please Note: I highly recommend personalizing your email and including some of your own thoughts on the issue - 500 unique and supportive emails are all the more powerful than 500 cookie cutter letters.**

Thank you for taking the time to take action and show your support for this important green transportation initiative - adding your voice will make a difference!

If Amsterdam Copenhagen, Montreal, Paris, Washington, London (this summer), Brussels, Milan, Stockholm, Chile, Barcelona, and others can do it - so can Toronto!


Yvonne and the bike union team.

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