Friends in Forte Dei Marmi

Chrissy in Forte dei Marmi
This Travel Tuesday takes us back to Italy.
Here is my friend and talented Toronto designer, "CHRISSY K" after OCAD she left Toronto and opted for more school in Firenze.

While bouncing around the Tuscan Hills and Seaside with puppy and friends she snapped some wonderful "Cycle Chic" virtual postcards of, "Forte dei Marmi" a seaside town with palm lined streets and wonderful bicycle infrastructure. Chrissy in Forte dei Marmi

"Forte dei Marmi" is a hop skip and a drive from the Italian Riviera, which hosts, "Cinque Terre" and "Genova."

While in Firenze (Florence) She rode everywhere, and currently in London she plans on doing the same, but on the wrong side of the street.

I look forward to trading postcards with her.

Cheerio! ( Do they even say that in London?)


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  1. Cool cat, cheerio!

    Hahaha...my word verification is "haterpr". Hater PR?


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