Vanity vs Danger

I’m not one to get into the safety debate over whether or not to wear a bicycle helmet, so I’ll stop right now.

However, when it comes to the discussion on whether or not some bicycle helmets make you look like an aerodynamic bobble headed two wheeled fashion violation, this is one debate I’ll ride into.

There are multiple styles of helmets available out there from the winterized Bern helmets to the traditional aerodynamic race helmets. However I find that sometimes budget and style constraints prevent me from wearing one. The morning debate over which clothes to dress yourself in is confusing enough, so why would picking out a matching helmet be any easier?

( helmets by Yakkay)

(photo courtesy of FlickrAudioblog)

Some will say,“ its only a helmet”. But if you’ve ever spent time with someone trying to pick out the perfect pair of eyeglasses you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Personal style can be a big factor.

The appearance of style and safety concious helmet and helmet cover designers and manufacturers are starting to seep into the North American bicycle culture, and with abundant choices available to match the personal tastes of individuals, I feel that putting on a helmet can soon be as normal as wearing shoes while riding a bike.

Personal style is one thing, Just stop checking yourself out in every window reflection.

Its vain and dangerous.

For some inspiring and stylistic helmet options check out Helmet Links in my sidebar.


  1. Do you know of any Yakkay retailers in Toronto?

  2. Oh but I love checking myself out in windows! I love my jazz pink tweedy yakkay helmet. The only downfall is friends telling me I really should wear a helmet. :-/

  3. I have a pretty large head and, while never having tried them on, I kinda feel these would excentuate it. Or maybe they need to make one that looks like a trucker cap with a Motley Crue patch on the front... either or.

    I'm quite partial to Bern helmets, available in Toronto at a few shops like Curbside and Sweet Pete's. Although they are still hard plastic, there's something nice about them.

    I also like this design from an NYC firm that allows for different coverings: http://bikingtoronto.com/duncan/nyc-commuter-helmet-lets-see-a-yyz-version

  4. Cyclists being unsafe by checking out their reflections in the mirror? That's something that's never occurred to me and I admit it's pretty funny! Very unsafe. But funny. Sorry!

  5. My eye has been on those Yakkay Helmets, even though I only got a Helmet last weekend! I know that I want more than one, as I'm a sucker for accessorising - and I also want to be as safe as possible when on the roads!


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