On the Fourth till Friday...

Window shopping is my obsession, and in this economy it can also be an adventure.With easy access to the internet, virtual window shopping has become an enjoyable and sometimes expensive standard in my household.

On one of my many virtual shopping trips I stumbled across http://www.onthe4th.com/ The wonderful "Fourth Floor Distribution" website is the brainchild behind some popular Local Bike Shops, an imaginative and educational "Bespoke on the fourth " blog and it is a prime example of what can grow out one little Toronto LBS "Curbside." Lucky us!

Today i've bounced from their website, to blog and ended up at their 2010 catalog. Lovely lines and stylish layouts would make for a great coffee table book.

Their portfolio of two wheeled treats combined with their amazing selection of thingamabobs for bikes makes "On the Fourth", the perfect catalog to curl up and daydream with.

Their vision and goal below may soon be a reality. It's time for North American cities to wake up.

"As North AmericAN cities become more dedicAted to bicycles, our goAl is to provide North AmericAN cyclists with dedicAted city bikes"

-Fourth Floor Distribution

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