Never too old, Never too cold

IMG_1897, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

i woke up today to the rattle of wrapping paper and a flurry of a 4 year olds rapid fire kisses. The handmade card which was hiding under my bed with a wrapped can of coke was a clear indicator that i had just turned 34.

If i make it to the age where a front loader tractor has to eat my dust i'll be more than happy.

this photo snapped today on my birthday illustrates that you are never too old to do the things you love.


Happy Birthday to me.


  1. 'old' is a state of mind! happy bday, you old fart!

  2. Great post. Great pic.

    Happy Birthday too.

  3. Happy belated birthday - 4 yr old kisses sound sweet!


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