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A little tweet from Copenhagenize, has let me know that Google has finally launched their street view for Copenhagen, A few months ago Toronto's street view was also launched, and I was also tagged by the Google camera car. Fortunately I wasn't doing a face plant into the cement. ( no, this cyclist was not hit by a car, for full story click here) My first impression of Copenhagen via Google Street view, was that they have almost as many cars on their roads as they have bicycles, However if you focus on how they have integrated their streets to follow a "complete street" strategy, you'll understand that there is a clear and harmonius integration of a viable transportation philosophy. How sexy is that?

With the upcoming Toronto mayoral election, the debate over bicycle lanes being pushed to side streets instead of main roads is currently an issue being discussed. I can only hope that any makeover of our Toronto Streets can focus on a compromise such as Copenhagen has.

Till then, enjoy a virtual vacation tour of a beautiful city full of cyclists and cars.


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