Bon Voyage by Bicycle

It's a New Year, and with the birth of "Lia Vittoria" soon approaching, the joys of parenting and extended leave from work via Maternal or Paternal leave is a temptation for travel.

My travel blogger sister Jen from "My Folie a Deux" who is also expecting in march is bombarding me with inspiration, I also have begun to focus on traveling with 2 kids.

In 2009 416cyclestyles' main focus was on the fashion sense of the two wheeled Torontonian, however within 2010 I aim to explore the areas of those who have chosen to add the aspect of the bicycle to their own life"style" and how it resonates with me here in Toronto.

The virtual realm of the Blogosphere has built many virtual bike lanes from Toronto to other parts of the world. And as I google and tweet my way to explore these Bicycle friendly destinations i'll share my finds with you. I can't wait to ride my way through all the Bike Share Programs and Bed and Breakfasts.
Please visit the, "Bon Voyage by Bicycle" links on the sidebar to see where i've been and hope to go. If any readers out there have any bicycle and family friendly travel tips, international bike rental experiences or links please leave a comment or send me an email, especially for those cities and countries that are known for their cycle chic and sharing programs.

Cheers and Happy New Year


  1. Wow, that sounds wonderful! Can I join?

    Do you have travel plans already, or will you just wing it?

    Come to Santa Barbara! Cycling is a lifestyle for many around here, not just me ;)

    I recommend this hotel: http://www.bikebythesea.com/2010/01/bicycle-rental-at-hotels.html. It has the coolest bikes for hire.

  2. You lucky canadians with your maternity leave and paternity leave.

    If you go as far as Santa Barbara and don't come down to LA I'll come up too!

  3. Copenhagen and Stockholm should be your first destination! We'll come with you guys!! Although I don't know how I'll bike with an infant strapped on me. LOL!!

  4. Hey, Jen most likely we'll go to amsterdam first, it would be nice to be there when my Mom is there with Henry. they can watch our kids. you don't have to ride with the kids strapped, just rent a cargo bike/trike and off we go! so Copenhagen or Amsterdam? hmmmm

  5. hey Christa and Cosmo, we may make it down to the west coast next year, we have relatives in San Fran and we wanted to drive south to, i'll definitely keep you in mind.

  6. This information sounds wonderful! I never visited santa barbara before maybe someday I'll travel there.

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