Toronto FC fan rides the Copenhagen Wheel

With Toronto's growing interest in fighting climate change, Mayor David Miller (the singing guy sporting the Toronto FC scarf) was in Copenhagen with over 100 mayors for the UN Conference on Climate Change. The new MIT bike with motorized support, a.k.a," the Copenhagen Wheel" was launched last week at the conference.

A conversation piece, to spark a global conversation about where to go next. As with Soccer and the current cycle infrastructure we still have a way to go. But at least Toronto is talking.

Bring on the Pan-Am games..


Give the gift of Unity

IMG_1300 bike union, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

A little Tweet from Yvonne the momma bird over at bikeunion.to led me to write this post about a gift that I recently sent myself in the mail.

The bike union is the first city wide, member-based cycling advocacy organisation in Toronto representing the needs and rights of cyclists, and working towards the addition of more and better bike lanes and infrastructure.

Their work on behalf of T.O cyclists is almost entirely funded through memberships, so if you ride a bike, or knows someone who rides in Toronto and like the idea of others working for you to improve conditions, please consider signing up. I get my daily Toronto cycle culture updates by following them on twitter, Tweet Tweet!.

I have to say the amount of support i've recieved from Toronto readers and riders has been great, and since joining the Union I feel more connected to the differences and similarities that unite us as citizens and cyclists in Toronto.

To, "Give the gift of Unity" click here.

Happy Holidays and Safe Winter Cycling

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