Biomega vs Coke

biomega and a coke, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

The subtle invasion of design that runs through the streets of Toronto have branched out from their Dutch and Swedish roots to roam our night streets. From my appreciation of the Biomega bicycle which hails from the city of my current muse at Copenhagen Cycle Chic to the Iconic contour Coke bottle designed by a Swede, Alexander Samuelson . I'm glad that there is no rivalry at this intersection.

Recent additions of sharrows to this stretch of road is encouraging for some cyclists. Others just enjoy the scenery.

The Crystal palace looms ahead...

6:30 pm @ Bloor and Avenue



The silent relationship between the cyclist and the TTC streetcar.

They share a common bond with the streets, yet can lead to a path of potential disaster if they ever cross each other in the wrong way.

A simbiotic "riding with the wolves" in an urban setting.

The better to get from A to B with my dear.


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