Change your life ride a Bike

...From my Flickr friends Meligrosa ( bikes and the city) and Busbozo cycle mom extraordinaire, I thankfully have been awarded photo of the week in their amazing Blog, " Change your life, Ride a Bike"

These two stylish San Fransiscans are cornerstones in the amazing bike culture and show how easy it is to change your life by riding a bicycle.

Happy Friday, and Happy riding!


The gates of Trinity

1674 at the gates, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

Trinity Traffic at 8am

yes people actually ride to work.


going in circles

1383 going in circles, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.
its been 25 days of the civic workers strike
and it seems that things are going 'round in circles

Bloor St. 8:30 am


with the kids..

It's summer time and amidst summer renovations and weekend trips to the cottage I find myself daydreaming of taking an extended a break with "the kid."
Mr.Dia is not yet old enough for the 5+ stage of the Loire Valley of France, but the transition from a 3 yr old to 5 is only 1 summer away. It's time to set some travel goals.
My travel bug sister Jen got me turned on to Butterfield and Robinson, whos. "slow down and see the world" train of thought invokes the imagination of a 5 year old and imprints memories that will last a lifetime.

Their ,"By Bike" tailored trips for singles to families allow the urban cyclist to expand their global cycle style horizons.


Sock it to me!

Cycling Socks, originally uploaded by Georgie_grrl.

from my favorite flickr bicycle bell photographer Georgie Grrl comes a photo without any visible bicycle bells.

wonderful cycle socks!

be sure to check out her "Does this ring a bell" set on Flickr.



little red riding heels

little red riding heels, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

what lovely heels you have...

the better to ride by the people stuck in traffic with my dear.

checking out my Booty?

I finally found the replacement to M's picnic basket, the quick release vintage Samsonite makeup case makes a great addition to her rear end.
If you live in Toronto and need a free replacement picnic basket shell for your Twenty, email me and i'll get it to you( minus the mounting bracket which i used, and you'll need your existing wooden base board)

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